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velvet skirt

So how’s everyone feeling the first day back after the holidays? I had enough vacation to take nearly two full weeks off (my longest vacation since working full time yet!) and it still didn’t feel like enough time. I had so much on my to-do list, but in true fashion saved most of it until the day before I was going back to work. I feel like the man in this article from The Onion. Even though I didn’t cross as much off of my list as I expected during my vacation, I felt I had earned some time to just relax. What about you?

Abercrombie – ski sweater | velvet skirt c/o Zaful | similar pompom hats | shoes via Nordstrom Last Chance

velvet skirt

There were actually several days that I didn’t even leave our apartment building. (Not several days in a row, though!) Steve doesn’t understand how I can enjoy being cooped up, as he puts it, but I can really be a homebody. On those days I of course didn’t do my hair or makeup. Sometimes a girl just needs a break! I did make an effort for these photos, because I love my new velvet skirt. As I said earlier this week, 2016 was the year of skirts, and I don’t see 2017 being any different. Velvet is also going to continue to be a trend, and I love wearing it in the form of a midi skirt.

Abercrombie Sweater

But just so you don’t think I’m a total degenerate, I’ll leave you with one thing that I did accomplish over the holiday. Steve and I chose a new mattress! Our old one is horrible, I’ve been getting the worse night sleeps. I cannot wait until the new one arrives this week. I’ll have to report back on it, hopefully it’ll give me lots of Zzzzzs!

velvet skirt Zaful Skirtvelvet skirt

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