Wedding Wednesday: Finding the Ring


I was recently talking to a girlfriend who confided in me that she and her boyfriend looked at engagement rings (eeeee!). The conversation was so exciting, and it brought me back to almost a year ago when Steve and I started seriously looking at rings. We went to a very fancy jeweler in Lincoln Park simply because they carried rings by the designer that I thought I wanted. Steve and I each had a glass of champagne and picked out a favorite ring. But we left a little overwhelmed and knowing there was still more ring shopping to be done! Thankfully, with the help of experienced friends and a {different} jeweler, Steve surprised me with an amazing ring!  For today’s Wedding Wednesday, I thought I’d take you through some of things we found to be helpful when engagement ring shopping.


  1. Shop together in-person. Some couples might agree that they want the ring to be a surprise and I think that’s great. But, I found a lot of value in trying on rings in-person with Steve. It helps to see the cuts and metals on your own hand to know if what you see in magazines will resonate with you on your finger day to day. Your partner can also take notes about what you like so you can still be surprised!
  2. Follow your instincts. As I mentioned, Steve and I went to a specific jewelry store first because it carried a certain designer. Although the salesperson there was perfectly nice, we didn’t really connect with her. Thankfully, we found someone else who patiently helped Steve better understand what to look for in engagement rings, was sure to invite us to a wedding ring Trunk Show, and has kept up with us via email so we can ask any questions we may have about my ring at any time. It’s great to feel as if we’re actually in control and can trust the person we’re working with.
  3. Do. your. research. Don’t just trust the first jeweler you meet to sell you the diamond and ring. Don’t commit before talking to your parents, your friends (who’ve been there), and reading up on your options. Going in feeling knowledgeable about the four C’s will help you be more confident in your purchase. (P.S. I found a lot of great infographics on Pinterest that break down the ring shopping process.)engagement ring shopping
  4. Don’t get caught up in designer names. In the end, you are going to look at your engagement ring everyday, so you – and probably your partner – are the only ones who should have an opinion. It doesn’t matter if the ring is by a well-known designer or just something you dreamed up and a local jewelry designer helped come to life. You just need to love it.
  5. Lastly, let people spoil you. As I’m enjoying finding out, people want to make you feel special during the engagement process. So have those glasses of champagne while ring shopping, gush to your friends about it, and don’t be afraid to celebrate once the engagement finally happens. It’s just the start of many more celebrations!

Photos by Hannah Drews Photography

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  1. Sarah Lagen says:

    Very good advice! 🙂 Also, I still loved your engagement, what a fun day!! ahh!!

    xo, Sarah

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