My Blue Valentine

velvet varsity jacketvelvet varsity jacket | frayed skinny cropped jean | crossbody bag | similar bow hair tie

Do you ever have one of those weekends that’s nothing extraordinary happens, but it’s still just the best weekend? I had one recently and it left me so happy. It included tapas on Friday with college friends, brunch with Sarah and her husband, clothes shopping with the husband (which I can’t always convince him to do), an unexpected trip to a brewery, alone time Saturday night, and the Super Bowl. I guess the key component there was quality time with the hubby and great conversation over good food (and drinks). I feel like so many times Steve and I feel like we need to be doing something special or unique to make it a weekend to remember, but as I get older and even busier I find it’s low key weekends doing the things I actually enjoy that really stand out. Obviously, because I’m still talking about it two weeks later. Ha. Speaking of standing out, what do you think of this royal blue velvet varsity jacket?

velvet varsity jacket

I talked a few posts back about my newfound love of velvet. I loved a jacket in the fabric because it’s kind of unexpected. It’s also super soft and eye-catching. Two of Steve’s friends each complimented this jacket when they arrived separately to the brewery I mentioned above. I never thought a varsity jacket would appeal to men. But it was the plush velvet when we hugged hello or an on-trend type of jacket, they seemed to like it. I have to admit I quite like it too, especially the low cost. It was another piece through my SheIn partnership, you can see the other pieces here.

velvet varsity jacket

My the way, I didn’t leave the velvet on just the jacket. Check out this adorable hair tie with a bow. When I first purchased it I asked my friends if it was appropriate for a 30-something…I didn’t wait for their answers before putting it up in my pony. I like it!

Blue Valentine

So yeah, just like a weekend doesn’t have to be anything spectacular to make it great, neither does an outfit. There are times jeans, booties, and a velvet varsity jacket are all I need. (Plus a cold beer.) Hope you get one of these weekends, too!

velvet varsity jacket

velvet varsity jacket | frayed skinny cropped jean | crossbody bag | similar bow hair tie | Photos by Sarah



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3 Responses to My Blue Valentine

  1. I love that varsity jacket! It’s such a great color and I love how you styled it.

  2. Laura says:

    You are so right! The best weekends are the low key ones that you can take time and enjoy! Love that jacket!

  3. Shauna says:

    I love this fun take on Valentine’s Day! The blue is so pretty on you!


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