Velvet Crush

velvet clothing

When the velvet trend first came back around I immediately thought of the 90s – and cringed! Synthetic fabrics, unflattering cuts – ick! But, after I saw more and more velvet clothing it grew on me, and suddenly I remembered all of the things that were actually good in velvet. Baby doll dresses, headbands, even blazers. So, so good! I eased myself into the trend with a headband, graduated to a velvet skirt, then bought a velvet jumpsuit for this past Christmas season. I realized it was just as good as comfortable sleepwear as it was for the day! You can’t beat it: a stretchy waistband, soft velvet, plus it’s also an amazing price, less than $25. So I guess you can say I’ve got a pretty big CRUSH on velvet. If you feel the same way I do, I’m rounding up affordable velvet clothing options after the jump.

velvet clothing

slip dress | velvet top | velvet heel | velvet purse | Star shirt | velvet headband | velvet blazer

I still can’t decide if all of this velvet is going to be one of those things I look back on in another 20 years and think “What was I wearing?!” Of course, this time I’ll only have myself to blame, not my mom who helped stock my closet back in the day! However, this round up is proof that whether my love of velvet is good or bad, I must not be alone. (Tell me I’m not alone!) You can find almost any kind of velvet clothing these days. I’ve even seen velvet SOCKS! Not sure how slip-proof those would be…

So yes, I might be drawn to velvet clothing because it reminds me of one of the best 90s teen films and other nostalgia. And okay, I’m not quite Dionne because I’m substituting a velvet jumpsuit for a formfitting dress. But I have to say an outfit that’s as good in bed or on the street is perfect for me. I’d welcome any of those other velvet clothing options in my closet as well!

velvet clothingvelvet jumpsuit | similar eye mask

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  1. I love everything velvet. The touch and feeling of it is so comfortable, and yes it brings me back to the 90s!

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