Talking About What’s “Real”

SheIn tweed blazer

SheIn tweed blazer | Express silky v-neck blouse | Express “Queen Bee” flats | J. Crew Gigi pants

On this site I try to always share outfits, products, reviews, etc. that are real. Admittedly I often have to use the weekend to take photos of my life, so sometimes the clothes featured weren’t actually worn that day other than to capture them with a camera. However, I can assure you they were worn at some other time as a real outfit. The photos I’m sharing today may be my realest ones yet though, because this is a true work out and a c/o jacket from a brand I actually shop! Thank you to my coworker who ran outside with me on a chilly day to capture what I wore in our office, which has a business-casual dress code. This tweed blazer is perfect for work appropriate layering during cooler weather.

SheIn tweed blazer

Talking about “real,” I had a friend compliment this tweed blazer and when I told her where it was from she asked “Is that actually a real store?” Yes, it is. I’ve shopped SheIn off and on for years and would recommend it now more than ever. The way I describe it is it’s like shopping those mall brands with good deals and trendy attire, only all of the shopping is done online. It’s actually easier than shopping in stores because I filter the sizes, styles and prices so I can shop successfully. This past August, I shopped an end of season sale to update my wardrobe in the Indian Summer. I bought a lot of clothes, and pre-paid the small fee for return shipping just in case.  There were some things that didn’t work out, but luckily it was easy and cheap to send them back.

SheIn tweed blazer

I feel lucky I get to show you my real outfits from a real brand I work with: SheIn. I know some other bloggers who are also a part of their affiliate program and recently got some adorable winter items. Sarah shared the cutest cape coat and on-trend pearl sweater with me. And with all of the holiday sales coming up, now is definitely the time to try shopping the site!

Express flats

Oh, and how about these bee-utiful shoes? They’re bound to go on sale again soon, so keep an eye out.


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3 Responses to Talking About What’s “Real”

  1. I love that blazer! It’s such a pretty color and I love the length!

  2. Sarah Lagen says:

    I love this blazer Jennie, I wouldn’t have guessed that its from Shein! It looks so chic! Love the realness of this post!

    xo, Sarah

  3. ashield says:

    Love SheIn and can’t believe that blazer is from there. So chic!

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