Ushering In a New Era

Taylor Swift Outfit Ideas

So the big, exciting news this week is that I got tickets to the Taylor Swift show in Chicago!!! Well, actually, I got tickets through a friend’s friend, but still it means I’ll be at Soldier Field for the Reputation Tour! I am going with five other people – four of whom I don’t know – but still think it’d be fun to dress up as Taylor’s eras for the concert. I’ve only mentioned it to my friend so far, and he told me I will have to be the Red era because I can pull off her signature red lip. I will happily accept that challenge.

I am having so much fun thinking about the concert and the possibility of dressing up as my favorite Taylor that I started researching the other eras and Taylor Swift outfit ideas. I looked at SheIn because of their inexpensive clothes and breadth of styles and trends. (You can read more about my SheIn experience here.) Keep reading for my top picks of adorable, inexpensive clothes for each Taylor era! (P.S. This post goes best with a soundtrack, I currently have “Speak Now” on.)

Taylor Swift Outfit Ideas


  • Taylor Swift (2006) – Let’s start from the beginning shall we, from the really old Taylor. I remember when “Teardrops on My Guitar” became a big song and I heard it playing in my college’s student neighborhood. I rolled my eyes and was like “Yuck, I hate country.” If I only knew what was to come… Back then, Tay liked booties and feminine floral dresses.
  • Fearless (2008) – I was starting to get into the fandom for this era. White Horse was a great breakup song! On the same album is my favorite love song, “Love Story.” I shared a memory about it on my Instagram. It wasn’t just Taylor’s music that was growing on me, her sequin dresses and hair accessories were, too.
  • Speak Now (2010) – OK, I had a full-blown obsession now. The year the album came out, at my cousin’s gift exchange I asked for the Speak Now album and “Marley and Me” movie. My sister was like, “What are you, 12 years old?” You know what, would a 12-year-old wear the prettiest chiffon dress and gold heels?


Taylor Swift Outfit Ideas

  • Red (2012) – This might be my favorite Taylor simply because of the fashion. And because Red helped me get through my mid-20s 🙂 Her fashion was really accessible. I could imagine her wearing this outfit of a striped turtleneck, a-line skirt, felt hat and Mary Janes, and I would, too.
  • 1989 (2014) – How fun was Taylor’s new sound on this album? I was into it! Her fashion…not so much, but I thought some of it was still worth pulling inspiration from. An a-line skirt and striped sweatshirt calls back to the 80s, but it’s not too obvious!
  • Reputation (2017) – And here we are present day, just starting to usher in the new era of Taylor. She’s seeming to keep things simple but edgy, even wearing shorts on stage at the Jingle Ball concert! But what would the new Taylor Swift be without a nod to a snake, hence the boots I picked out.

So which era of Taylor was your favorite? And more importantly, will you be going to one of her concerts this summer?


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  1. I love the outfits that you put together! I love the last one, so pretty! Have fun at the concert!

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