Trend I’m Continuing in 2018

tassel jewelry trend

There are a few trends I hope will be left in 2017, such as lucite shoes. But something I’m bringing with me into the new year is the tassel jewelry trend – seen above in the Rocksbox earrings I’m wearing. I’ve been gravitating toward tassels more and more and I think it’s a trend that should stay! In fact, I’m not just here for the tassel jewelry trend. I like seeing tassels the many ways they’ve been incorporated into fashion, including on dresses and shoes. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tassel-accented items as well as inspiration from fellow tassel-wearing bloggers. Check it out!

tassel jewelry trend

Regarding my thoughts on the tassel jewelry trend, the photo of me wearing these earrings may say it all. There were about 10 tassels on each earring! I mean, talk about embracing a trend. Below are  similar earrings, some a little simpler! (BTW both earrings I’m wearing in this post are from the jewelry subscription service Rocksbox. Get one month free with the code “SincerelyJennieXOXO.”)

Rent the Runway Unlimited Reviews

Tassels don’t just belong on jewelry, of course. This purse that I received from Rent the Runway was such an eye-catching accessory thanks to the multicolored tassels. This was a designer purse, but there are plenty of affordable options, as well as shoes and hats that also are adorable with tassels:

swimwear on amazon

Don’t forget, tassels are also for clothes! I might have worn them around the pool on my honeymoon, but the accent is great anytime of the year. Want to see some of my favorite bloggers wearing tassels? Check it out here:

  • Sarah was summer ready in her colorful tassels.
  • Jennifer proved tassels go with anything – even chambray.
  • Hallie shows off the tassels on her way out!

Add tassels to your closet:

Do you have any trends you want to see stay or say “goodbye to” in the new year?


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2 Responses to Trend I’m Continuing in 2018

  1. Oh my gosh yes! I am loving the tassel earrings, they’re so much fun. You can add a touch of color and really play up a fun outfit.

  2. Amy Arnold says:

    I love these type of earrings! SO fun for so many occasions. Definitely something I am continuing too.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

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