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And the Bride Wore White

Today continues Bachelorette Week on Sincerely, Jennie. Read yesterday’s post for the story on my unexpected Charleston trip.

white dresses for bachelorette party

I never thought I’d be that girl searching for every white dress or “bride” T-shirt once I got engaged. But as my bridal calendar started to fill up, I found myself also filling up online shopping carts with those things. Truly, I don’t have a lot of opportunities in life to wear a white dress (the last time I think I had one was for college graduation), so I was excited to wear white to signify that I was a bride-to-be. I used Rent the Runway Unlimited so that I could have access to many white dresses and bridal accessories. Paying a flat fee per month I thought I’d have a rotating closet, and not several white dresses hanging in my closet that I wouldn’t wear again. (For those who don’t use Rent the Runway, scroll to the bottom to see my round up of white dresses for bachelorette party events.)

white dresses for bachelorette party

Throughout my engagement I found myself using the Unlimited program differently than I’d planned. For two of my bridal showers I ended up choosing pink dresses. I chose those simply because pink is my signature color and the style of the dresses suited me better. I only found one white dress on the site that ended up being a great white dress for bachelorette party activities in Charleston. In the end, Unlimited came in handy because of their clutches fit for a bride, like this Kate Spade clutch that I would only ever carry during an engagement, and jewelry options for my wedding. Can’t wait to share wedding photos so you see what I rented for the big day!

white dresses for bachelorette party

In the end, I did purchase a white dress for my reception party dress because I wanted the option to alter it if needed. (Luckily, there was no need and it was a really affordable price for the party!) Friends got me fun T-shirts or accessories for a bride, and I purchased a few when I saw them on sale. I decided that I would be engaged for one fun year of my life, and I wanted to enjoy it by wearing any silly graphic T-shirts I wanted! Renting was an option I was happy to have at my fingertips, but I also liked purchasing some items for keeps.

white dresses for bachelorette partyThe shoes are sold out, but Banana Republic has the same style in an adorable polka dot fabric! | Lipstick – MAC Liptensity Claretcast | Kendra Scott earrings via Rocksbox {get one month free with code “SincerelyJennieXOXO} | similar Do Not Disturb hat 

Below are options I’ve rounded up for bachelorette activities, whatever you might be doing!

Bride’s Night Out

Bride Loungewear

Bride Accessories

Palm Print Dress

Palm Print Dress

I wasn’t planning to share honeymoon photos so soon, but I just had to let you know about this Asos palm print dress before it sells out! Recently, everything I’ve purchased on the site seems to be sold out within days of me pulling the trigger. But as I write this post, this cute midi pencil dress is still available in sizes 0-14 and sizes 12-24.

Asos palm print dress | Rent the Runway clutch | Kendra Scott earrings via Rocksbox {use code “SincerelyJennieXOXO” for your first month of the service free} | similar gold heels

Palm Print Dress

I actually searched out this dress and many other palm print dresses (more links below) after seeing Monica wear something similar on her blog. I knew palm print would be perfect for my honeymoon in Grenada, as well as for a cousin’s “fiesta” wedding later this summer. I hopped on Asos and typed in “palm print.” I was so excited about all of the options I found!  I ordered several dresses to try, since Asos has free shipping and returns. This little number was super comfortable (the fabric is stretchy and light for summer), feels so sexy with the off-the-shoulder straps, and is a reasonable price.

Palm Print Dress

The clutch I paired with the palm print dress is another piece borrowed from Rent the Runway. I originally restarted the service’s Unlimited program for my wedding, but I love having access to designer pieces so much that I’m continuing it (at least for a bit). It helped me get the perfect accessories for my wedding and, as you can see, for my honeymoon! Now that I’m back to normal life, I’m trying out Rent the Runway work wear options. Will report back later.

Palm Print Dress Palm Print Dress

Additional Palm Print Dress Options:

The Bigger the Hoop

hoop earrings

Okay, so I want to talk about something real that I grapple with when I’m putting together outfits. Is it true that the bigger the hoop the bigger the….well, I’ll let you finish that. (A friend recently finished that statement with “THOT.” LOL) I personally love hoop earrings and have worn them ever since high school when I finally had money to start shopping for my own jewelry. I never thought that they went out of style, and have about eight pairs on my earring tree. But I guess they must have been a fashion faux pas at some point, because now they’re back? I see all kinds of 90s style hoop earrings again. The pair I’m wearing here is Kendra Scott, via Rocksbox. I love how dainty they are and that they have little gems along the earring. I’ve been wearing them nonstop since they arrived in the mail.

Hoop earrings/necklace/ring – via Rocksbox {sign up for a month free using code “SincerelyJenniexoxo”} | Rent the Runway – floral jacket {get $30 off your first order with my link} | Express – skinny jeans

floral jacketfloral jacket

In addition to the hoop earrings I’m wearing, I just have to sing praises for this floral jacket. Earlier this winter I tried on a Zara floral bomber jacket that was for sale at an incredible low price. Sadly, it was a size too large. I couldn’t find another size anywhere – not in stores or online. (By the way, have you ever tried calling a Zara store to check if an item is in stock? I did, and they are not helpful if you don’t have the item number. Just an FYI before you try calling.) That bomber jacket that got away has been in the back of my mind for a while. I was excited to see something similar on the Rent the Runway site when I was choosing items for my next Unlimited shipment. I wore it two days in a row I liked it so much! I’ve sent it back already to exchange it for something new, so you can go online now and get it for yourself. J

floral jacket hoop earrings

I’m glad we tackled the tough fashion question here, the meaning of hoop earrings. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Back at It: Rent the Runway Unlimited

Rent the Runway Unlimited Reviews

Guys, I am so excited to share that I started using Rent the Runway Unlimited again! You may remember I cancelled last winter after several months of use. (You can read my Rent the Runway Unlimited reviews here and here.) I loved renting three designer pieces at a time, for an unlimited time, but I couldn’t justify the cost anymore. However, with my wedding coming up I found myself ready to make a lot of clothing purchases for bridal events. I realized that instead of buying a lot of white dresses I’d wear very infrequently after the wedding, it made more sense to just pay for the service for a few months. I got my first order via UPS last week and boy was I happy with it! The Rebecca Minkoff purse above was just one of three pieces. See more photos of what I rented after the jump, plus a link for $30 off.


Rental Review

Rent the Runway Unlimited review

This post has been a long time coming. It was more than one year ago when I first shared my reviews of clothing and accessory rental services, one being Rent the Runway Unlimited. At the time I was a newbie to the Unlimited program, so I’d like to update my Rent the Runway Unlimited review. Keep reading to hear my thoughts over the eight months of the clothing and accessory rental program, what I liked and what I thought could be improved. And, there’s a rental code at the end.


All the Sparkle

Sincerely Jennie Holiday Outfit Idea 7I can’t believe we’re just a few days from Christmas! I feel like I ran myself ragged trying to hit every holiday party, get every gift and finish up every last bit of work, but I can now say I’m on vacation. I’m looking forward to spending the holidays with my family in warm and sunny Florida. Before I left I had to share one last holiday outfit idea for those who won’t be in 70 degree weather. (Sorry, not to rub it in…) Thank you to Hannah Drews Photography for these photos and for creating a festive little space to help get me in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Dress – via Rent the Runway | Shoes – Forever 21 (less than $20!) | Bracelet – White House Black Market | Necklace – similar via BaubleBar | Nails – Essie’s “Chinchilly” | Hair by DreamDry | Photos by Hannah Drews Photography

Sincerely Jennie Holiday Outfit Idea Sincerely Jennie Holiday Outfit Idea Sincerely Jennie Holiday Outfit IdeaSincerely Jennie Holiday Outfit Idea Sincerely Jennie Holiday Outfit Idea

Rompin Around


The half-up top knot has definitely become my new ‘do of choice for the summer. It’s kind of like the romper of hairstyles, because it’s playful, relaxed and effortless. So there we go, the half-up top knot, perfect with any summer look, especially a romper.

Rent the Runway – Equipment Romper | Shoes – similar | Earrings – Kendra Scott



Sincerely-Jennie-Equipment-Romper-3Oh and yes, this has become Sarah’s and my favorite spot for blog pics. Beautiful views of Chicago’s downtown and the river!

Cool Skirt

Rent the Runway White Skirt

I recently wore this skirt to Columbus, where it proved to be the perfect thing for hot and sticky weather. {Not even a Seventh Sons beer could cool me off.} I dressed it down with a pretty casual top since we were sightseeing, but I definitely could see this Waverly Grey skirt looking ethereal if paired with a white cotton blouse, or perfect for a night out with a black top and statement necklace. The was rented though (read more about that here), so I’ll just have to wait until the next order to get it back!

Shirt – H&M button down | Skirt – Waverly Grey {rent} | Nails – Ulta “Snow White” | Purse – Kate Spade {rent} | Shoes – Keds via DSW

Rent the Runway White Skirt

Rent the Runway White Skirt

Rental Reviews

Clothing-Rental-Reviews-SJYou might have noticed that my closet has expanded quite a bit thanks to a rotating supply of clothing and jewelry rentals. Through Le Tote, Rent the Runway Unlimited and Rocksbox, I’ve had the chance to try new designers and have some fun with my fashion, and I wanted to share my reviews.

By joining these clothing and accessory rental programs (not all at the same time), believe it or not, I’ve actually saved money that I’d typically spend monthly on clothes. How? Because by paying one set price per month, I’ve received numerous new things and felt less of a need to go out and buy more myself.  And if I do really love an item I rent, some of these services give me the option of purchasing it at a fraction of the retail cost.

If you’ve been considering joining a jewelry or clothing rental service, continue reading my rental review after the jump. I’m providing a review of each one listed above and sharing some more of the items I managed to get as well as links to sign up. If you’re interested in hearing more about a certain service, let me know, and I’ll plan another post!


Wink, Wink

Love Birds Wink ClutchYou might have noticed I’ve been a bit subscription obsessed lately. First there was Rocksbox, now Le Tote and Rent the Runway Unlimited. Basically, a portion of my closet this month has been borrowed. I’m going to review all the services in an upcoming post, but today I just had focus on this adorable Kate Spade clutch. It’s mine for as long as I want through RTR Unlimited, and I added links below so you can rent or buy it, too. For my single ladies, I think it deserves a trip a night out on the town. It speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Love Birds Wink Clutch


Trumpet SKirtDress – via Le Tote | Kate Spade Love Birds Wink Clutch – Rent / Buy | Shoes – similar