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Clarins Spring Launch Event

Clarins Spring Launch

With my upcoming wedding (and impending 30th birthday) I’m trying to stick to “quality over quantity” more often when it comes to beauty products. Sure, I still look for deals (I can’t say no to a drugstore mascara that does its job), but I also weigh the lasting effects of what I’m purchasing. I’m willing to spend more on a product if it means more pigment and staying power.

I was extremely excited to be invited to a Clarins  launch event for their new spring products.  Clarins was one of those brands my younger self would have never thought she could – or should – afford. I’ve gradually been introduced to the brand through its lipstick, and now I see the rest of their products are just as purchase-worthy. I find myself reaching for Clarins makeup daily, whether it’s for a day at work or night out. Read after the jump to see my four favorite Clarins products you should add to your makeup drawer.

Clarins Spring Launch (more…)

Should You Buy the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit?

Kylie Lip Kit Review

Well you guys, I drank the Kool-Aid. I bought a Kylie Cosmetics lip kit. It was something I’d been interested in trying, but was hesitant to pull the trigger. $30 for any lip product is too much in my book. But when I received birthday money I thought what the heck, treat yo’self! My flip in thinking also happened at the same time Kylie was releasing new colors, and the Kristen was calling my name. I set my alarm for the lip kit sale (snatching one of these kits is as hard as getting tickets to Lolla), and was excited to purchase the product with no problem. Read on to hear if it was worth it…


Mani Monday:

I’m a big advocate of treating yourself to a new nail polish or two once in a while, so I asked my former blog partner and fellow nail polish hoarder, Amanda, to write a guest blog post today. Read on for a Sephora Formula X Cupcakes and Cashmere review.

Sincerely Jennie Formula X Cupcakes and Cashmere Review

I’m a sucker for a good collaboration, and was thrilled when one of my favorite bloggers, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, collaborated with a somewhat new-to-me nail polish brand, Formula X.

Let’s talk about the Formula X formula first. I happened upon it when I was in Sephora looking for a new color for the weekend and decided to give it a try. I’m immensely brand loyal, particularly when it comes to nail polish, so I wasn’t sure how I’d like it. I LOVED it. The brushes are fantastic and the coverage is amazing. Most of the darker shades only need one coat for it to be opaque, and the brush is small enough that I don’t make many mistakes or color “outside the lines” when I’m doing my nails. The wear is great (I got a good 5-7 days), but I really attribute that more to the topcoat (Seche Vite) than the polish.

Now on to the Sephora Formula X Cupcakes and Cashmere review:

Sincerely Jennie Formula X Cupcakes and Cashmere Review 4

I had to start with the reds, because reds are my favorite. I own probably 40 shades of red alone, and seriously, they all look different to me. I had high hopes for the C&C “Haute Sauce,” and it didn’t disappoint – it’s a fantastic red. Largely because I think it looks exactly like OPI’s Fashion A Bow, which I already loved.

Verdict: I’ll be keeping this one, but it’s not a necessary purchase if you already have a red you like.

Sincerely Jennie Formula X Cupcakes and Cashmere Review 3

Next up I tried the C&C “Peach Tea.” I compared it to Essie’s Tart Deco, which looked similar in the bottle but was very different once I got it on. Not my color. I wanted it to be slightly darker so it didn’t wash me out, but could see how it’d look nice with a tan.

Verdict: Would not have purchased this, but I’m going to try again mid-summer once I have a tan.

Sincerely Jennie Formula X Cupcakes and Cashmere Review Finally, I tried the nudes. I compared the C&C Latte Run to OPI’s Tiramisu for Two, which is my absolute favorite nude. I was prepared to hate this one, but it was actually my favorite of the collection! The coverage is great (no need for 3-4 coats like some nudes need), and the shade is just slightly lighter than the OPI, which I liked. As my fiance says, “it doesn’t blend into your skin.”

Verdict: I love this shade, and hope the bottle never runs out. If you buy one shade from this collection, make it Latte Run.

Sincerely Jennie Formula X Cupcakes and Cashmere Review

Saving Face

Smashbox contouring

My daily makeup routine can be pretty extensive. I use liquid eyeliner on the regular and often apply lipstick before heading off to work. But with all of the effort I put into making my features pop, sometimes my skin tone and bone structure seem to fall flat. That’s why I’ve been curious about contouring, a makeup skill I wanted to master but needed some extra help to do so.

It was fate when Sephora began offering complimentary contour mini-makeovers. You can book an appointment at your local Sephora or just stop by and ask for an associate to walk you through it. I was really impressed with the Smashbox contouring kit (exclusive at Sephora) and liked following along as the associate did one half of my face step-by-step, then handed the brushes over to me. I went back to work feeling a little more confident but not too done up. My coworkers hardly noticed, except for one girl who called out from a few cubes over, “Wow, I can see your cheekbones from here!” I’ll take it.

I’m sharing some of what I learned at Sephora if you’re interested in booking an appointment to become a contouring expert. It won’t be step-by-step (I’ll leave that to the experts), but here are some simple tips I took away.

  • Your contouring doesn’t have to start like a Kardashian’s. Mine was done using powder and I blended it in as I went. Much less alien-looking.
  • Having the right brushes is the first step to contouring correctly. A contouring kit is great, but if you already have a bronzer or shimmer powder that you like, the right brush will help you apply it so that it makes the most impact. Ask at your local Sephora to find out which brush is right for which product.
  • Apply your contouring makeup in good lighting and apply a little bit more than you originally might. The lighting in Sephora helped me see what I was doing, but I kept stopping and looking at the sale associate when I thought I had applied enough. Each time she told me to do a bit more; the trick is to continue to blend and I won’t walk out looking scary!
  • If you’re interested in any of these products, wait til there’s a coupon. I mean, come on. Don’t pay full price if you don’t have to. My sales associate tipped me off that there should be a coupon coming soon, so I’m waiting to purchase the kit until that arrives in my inbox. (Get Sephora Beauty Insider emails and free birthday gifts by signing up here.)

Unfortunately I didn’t get a finished-product photo, but will share one once I can!

Contouring at SephoraSephora-contouring-1


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