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swimwear on amazon

I rarely can relate to people who hate shopping for clothes. I know they get overwhelmed in stores, may not like dressing rooms, or don’t know how to shop sales, but that’s just not me! I still go in-store whenever I can to search for steals and see the true fit of a piece of clothing. However, there is one exception to my love of shopping in-stores: swimsuit shopping. As soon as I step in a dressing room and have to disrobe to nearly nothing, and try on suit after suit – hiking up the ones that don’t fit or fiddling with a suit until it does – I wish I wasn’t shopping anymore. Luckily, when it came time to find swimwear for my honeymoon – I was on the hunt for a white suit – I found another way to shop. For the first time, I scrolled through the swimwear on Amazon. 

swimwear on amazon

Truthfully, I became a bit Amazon Prime obsessed during my wedding (I needed wedding decor, and I needed it fast!). So it’s no surprise that I quickly transitioned into swimwear on Amazon. What I especially liked was that I could filter what I was searching for, something you can’t do in brick and mortar stores. I wanted a white one-piece, under $25, with a rating of 4+ stars that would arrive to me in two days. Done. Dozens of results popped up. The best part is that Amazon allows users to upload photos of themselves in the products, so I was able to match my body type up with others to see what would work.

Swimsuit | Tassel cover up | very similar Do Not Disturb hat

swimwear on amazon

Now, this wasn’t the only swimsuit and swimsuit cover up I tried off of the site, but I made sure that all those I’d ordered had free returns. Since I was ordering offline I had no way of knowing that the graphic swimsuit everyone loved in the comments was extremely small, and when the fabric stretched it didn’t do me any favors. Back in the bag that swimwear from Amazon went, and I was refunded, no problem.

swimwear on amazon

In the end the swimsuit I chose (white with scallops) wasn’t the highest of quality or even the most perfect for my body (because of the cups inside the lining, I’d suggest it for smaller-chested women). But it was super easy to order, and when I tried it on at home I felt good in it. It was a white swimsuit for a new bride at the right price, and that made it perfect!

swimwear on amazon

P.S. Want to see what I wore for a night out on my honeymoon? Check out this post.


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9 Responses to Shopping Swimwear Online

  1. Love this cover-up and the black/white combo is always so sophisticated/classic! Great outfit!

    Elizabeth |

  2. Sarah Lagen says:

    Great post, I haven’t looked at Amazon for swimsuits. I like this white scalloped one, it’s so cute!! And I really wish I was on a beach right now!

    xo, Sarah

  3. I’ve found quite a few great swimsuits at Amazon. Seriously they have everything! Love the scallops.

  4. love the scallops. i’ve never thought about ordering swimwear on amazon, but if it has free returns, it’s for me!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    This is a pretty suit, and you’re right it’s way better to try them on at home then in a dressing room. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Randi says:

    Free returns are the BEST. I would much rather try on clothes at home and then take back what I don’t want vs. standing in front of a full-length mirror in a store. It just feels so much calmer. You look great in these pics, Jennie!

  7. Jill says:

    I never thought to look at Amazon for swimsuits. Your scalloped suit is darling and I love your coverup!

    Doused in Pink

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