winter vest

Well it’s back to tights for those of us in the Midwest, but I can’t really complain. Seventy degree weather in February is amazing until you realize why it’s 70 degrees. (Climate change, ya know?) Anyway, I still have some dress/skirt+tight combos I’m looking forward to wearing and sharing. I try my best to stretch out my fall/winter wardrobe into spring, a la here, to avoid feeling the need to purchase new spring clothes. (That didn’t stop me for shopping for my Charleston bachelorette, though. I thought this floral maxi was perfect!) What about you? What’s your cutoff for tights and other winter wear?

winter vest

By the way, the vest in this post is one that I hesitated to buy at first. Now, I can’t believe I ever had reservations! It’s the third time I’ve shared an outfit with it on the blog, and I’ve worn it countless other times IRL. Although this Express vest is no longer available, I’ve rounded up some similar vests below. I think it’d be worth investing in a lightweight option for spring. Khaki vests just add something to an outfit!

winter vestDoughnut Vaultwinter vest


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4 Responses to Invested

  1. Sarah Lagen says:

    Very cute, I love this vest. It’s great piece to wear every season! Great buy!

    xo, Sarah

  2. Love this vest. I have a similar one and need to pull it out more!

  3. Bonnie Wiggins says:

    You should do a post about what you’re packing for your bachelorette and then I can copy, haha!

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