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I’ve been pretty quiet around here recently. With all of the natural disasters, Vegas attack and Harvey Weinstein revelations, it’s been hard to want to write anything or even pay attention to this little site. There are so many other places to turn our attention, and I was happy to do so Saturday night watching and donating to Somos Una Voz. I thought it was pretty amazing to see some of today’s biggest stars come together and raise funds and awareness for Puerto Rico. It was just one great event in recent weeks deserving of our attention, including Mean Girls for Las Vegas and the #MeToo movement. It’s so sad that heartbreaking news has become our reality, and that the silver lining has to be people coming together to grieve and fight, but at least there are those people to keep us optimistic.

Beyond those musings, I wanted to write on the blog today to share some links, some important some not so much, that you might be interested in light of the recent news and to escape from it.

Spamilton in Chicago

I should have shared about Spamilton so long ago, because I went when it was still playing in Chicago and had such a fun time! I attended the show with coworker who’s a total theater nerd and she enjoyed it even more than me! The show makes fun of not just Hamilton, but lots of musicals. It really gave me nostalgia, and lots of laughs! Spamilton sadly just closed its run in Chicago, but there are other opportunities to see it. It has an open run in New York and will begin its run in LA in November.

Speaking of Spamilton, please take a listen to an It’s On Us song sang by the cast of Spamilton and set to the tune of a Hamilton song. My coworker actually wrote it, and it’s about such an important topic that it’s worth your five minutes, and not just because it’s still a catchy tune.

Other than brushing up on all things Hamilton and advocating for consent, why don’t you…

  1. Plan a scary but oh-so timely Halloween costume.
  2. Pickup a good book with one of the Golden Girls’ readers’ recos!
  3. Mourn the death of the millennial generation, but please, do it gracefully.
  4. Queue up your favorite 2000s TV show, you’ll want to after reading this list of the top teen shows!
  5. Behold the best IKEA/DIY hack of all time!

Hope this week is better than the others as of late, and we can all continue to rebuild together.

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