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SheIn belted vest

I’m always looking for a deal, so when SheIn reached out to me to see if I’d like to shop their website, I was game. In fact, a few months earlier I purchased several items from the shop in hopes of getting me through an Indian Summer. I love SheIn’s low prices and trendy styles. I was also really excited to see the site now offers free returns if you purchase the shipping insurance. I wasn’t at all nervous to order what caught my eye, knowing I could just send it back if it wasn’t the perfect fit. When I shopped the site most recently, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to get an item of clothing I’d been dying for but didn’t want to spend a ton on. This belted vest was just that item.

SheIn belted vest {under $20!} | TJMaxx – turtleneck with bell sleeves {comes in 4 colors} | Nordstrom – Spanx faux leather leggings {omg they’re like budda!} | Kate Spade puppy purse | Manicure – OPI Rebel Without a Moss

Kate Spade purse

Although I’ve been eyeing belted vests for a while, I was a little intimidated to wear one. This is something the Kardashians make look cool, but how was I going to match that? The pink version caught my eye so I knew it was time to go for it. I tried to pair it with something equally as cool, so I again stepped out of my comfort zone and wore form fitting faux leather leggings (they feel like butter and cinch my waist) and a really affordable turtleneck. I topped it off with just the cutest puppy purse! If I can’t have a real furry pet, I’ll settle for an adorable dog face on my accessory.

SheIn duster

I’ve had people ask my opinion on online shops like SheIn before, and I’d really suggest giving the site a chance if you’re looking for inexpensive, trendy pieces this fall and winter. You can’t beat the prices, but just beware that the fit is sometimes not what we’re used to in America, and the quality might be off from the photos. What I appreciate about the site is that real women can upload photos of themselves wearing these clothes, so I usually read the reviews to get a realistic idea of what I’m ordering.

SheIn duster

By the way, if you want to see another blogger style a super cute >$20 top from SheIn, check out Irene from The Daily Lace. She’s making me miss summer already!

SheIn duster

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  1. I love that little puppy purse! How cute is that!? I love the vest, the length really compliments you so well!

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