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Rent the Runway Unlimited Reviews

Guys, I am so excited to share that I started using Rent the Runway Unlimited again! You may remember I cancelled last winter after several months of use. (You can read my Rent the Runway Unlimited reviews here and here.) I loved renting three (update in 2017) four designer pieces at a time, for an unlimited time, but I couldn’t justify the cost anymore. However, with my wedding coming up I found myself ready to make a lot of clothing purchases for bridal events. I realized that instead of buying a lot of white dresses I’d wear very infrequently after the wedding, it made more sense to just pay for the service for a few months. I got my first order via UPS last week and boy was I happy with it! The Rebecca Minkoff purse above was just one of three pieces. See more photos of what I rented after the jump, plus a link for $30 off.

As much as I’d love to purchase all of the flowy spring dresses that keep gracing the Rent the Runway website, sadly, it’s still winter in Chicago. So for my first order, I looked for a dress that could protect me from the cold but still promise spring. I was also a little inspired by Reese Witherspoon’s character on “Big Little Lies.” (Anyone else hooked on that show?) I love how all of her colorful, floral outfits stand out in an otherwise bleak show. Kind of like how color can brighten a sometimes dreary Chicago day. 🙂 I read in a show recap that the costumer designer wants Reese’s character to look like she tries too hard, but personally I think the character just looks very put together. Kind of like how the collar on this dress polishes this outfit off.

Jill Jill Stuart dress: rent | Rebecca Minkoff handbag: rent / buy | Photos by Sarah

The service has changed a bit since my first Rent the Runway Unlimited reviews, and for the better. You still have to order the three pieces of clothing or accessories off of the website and wait for it to travel via UPS to your house or, now, to a brick and mortar Rent the Runway store for pickup. Once you wear something – once or 10 times, your choice – you can ship one, two or all four of the items back. You also now have the option to drop off the items at a brick and mortar Rent the Runway store. Since there’s a store in Chicago, that cuts down on the amount of time I have to wait to choose my next shipment. Once the clothes are marked received at the store, I can go online and choose my next order.

I’ve already sent this red dress on its way along with a bomber jacket that was just “eh.” I ordered two items to replace them, and I cannot wait for this floral jacket to come in. (See how it’s $478 retail, but only $80 to rent for an unlimited time?) Perfect to ring in March! Is this service sounding good to you? You can use my link to get $30 a dress rental or your first month of Unlimited. So worth it for a rotating closet.

4 Responses to Back at It: Rent the Runway Unlimited

  1. Abby says:

    What a lovely dress and a great service! Love the idea of renting for special occasion dresses. But I would definitely love that handbag to keep though!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  2. This dress is so pretty! I really need to give Rent the Runway a try!

  3. Ada says:

    I have never tried this renting service but have always heard great things. Your red lacy dress is so pretty, sophisticated and unique. Love the black details. Gorgeous pumps, too. =)

    I’d love for you to stop by my blog and linkup this Thursday with me. Stop by on Thursdays and share your great sense of style with my readers. =) Thanks and Happy Hump Day!

    <3 Ada.

  4. Shauna says:

    Those tassels are such a cute detail! I love them and all the colors!


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