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off the shoulder blouse

Things may have been quiet over here in blog world, but let me tell you, that doesn’t actually reflect my real life! I’ve certainly been neglecting posting content for a few weeks, but behind the scenes and in my personal life I’ve been making moves and planning for the future. Instead of focusing on outfit details today or musing about things about the web, I thought I’d share some updates on several aspects of my life. It’ll give you a peak into all of the dimensions of my life that I realized I may not always share. So please ask any questions you may have!

off the shoulder blouse


Steve and I traveled to Philly in July with my family for my cousin’s wedding. We had such an amazing time in the city. I love the historic buildings and urban feel! Everything was going great until my mom pointed out the large bug bites on my arms and legs were probably from bed bugs, not mosquitoes as I’d thought! Well, would you believe it, one of the little guys traveled home with us. Steve and I have taken many precautions and dealt with several exterminations to keep the bed bugs at bay. Everything looks clean and bug-free, but fingers crossed!

Aside from fighting bugs, I’ve tried to put together some fun activities to look forward to, including:

  • seeing Dashboard Confessional and All American Rejects play last week! They are two of my favorite bands from my teenage years and the nostalgia their songs brought back was everything! Who else listened to them while wearing a jean miniskirt and watching Laguna Beach? Now, nearly 15 years later, Chris Carrabba with Dashboard can still get it.
  • buying tickets to Watch Watch Crappens Live in Chicago! This is a favorite podcast so I didn’t want to miss their housewives hysterics when they came through my town. I’ll be the one sitting alone, though, so say hi if you’re also going in September!

off the shoulder blouse


I’ve discussed my professional life before, and I think recently how my communications agency is adding more digital services. I get to be a part of this advancement, and with that is becoming Google AdWords certified. The classes we’re taking tack on quite a bit of time to our work day (and I admit I’ve been procrastinating), but it’ll be a great skill to have in the end. Now, I just have to buckle down and cram for the tests!

off the shoulder blouse


I mentioned there’s a lot going on right now behind the scenes. Even though everything looks status quo, I’ve participated in several campaigns recently (see if you can spot them on my Instagram) and am looking for ways to revamp my blog. One of those ways is a redesign. I chose to purchase a template through Lindsay Humes but it’s proving harder to implement than I thought. Luckily, Lindsay is very responsive and helpful. I just have to be patient and know that taking my time will help the blog look the best it can.

If you’re a blogger, how have you dealt with a redesign? Any suggestions are appreciated!

off the shoulder blouse


Sure, my wedding was 3 months ago, but there’s still one more thing I need to do. And that’s finish our thank you notes! Steve was so good and knocked his half out right away. I’ve been a bit slower, and a part of that is because my handwriting is horrible. Seriously, I write and write and then my hand cramps up! I need to be slow and steady with this for sure. Once that responsibility is done, I am going to start adding more wedding content here. I want to share more photos with you all and discuss some lessons I learned. Let me know if there’s anything I can answer for you.

Now, I can’t really get through an outfit post without some details. Thanks Sarah for the photos, and here’s how you can shop my outfit, with a similar off the shoulder blouse and more:


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3 Responses to Playing Catch Up

  1. You have been so busy!! I feel like this year is just flying by!

  2. Samantha says:

    Cute outfit! Looks like you have been having a fun + busy summer!

  3. kristy says:

    This skirt is adorable! You look so good.

    xo Kristy

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