“Spring” Outfit

Navy Blazer

Do you want the truth about this outfit? The truth is that while it looks like the perfect spring apparel, it’s actually too cold in Chicago to wear this right now. Some people are still wearing winter jackets, so a navy blazer will not do. No, I wore this outfit in the fall but thought it was worth sharing again. Because maybe all of you who are in a bit warmer weather can go ahead and wear it for me. I wish I could wear it right now because I love its simplicity. It’s casual, yet the navy blazer and heels polish off the striped T and torn denim. These items aren’t in stores anymore, but I did find look-a-likes:

Navy Blazer Navy Blazer

By the way, I’m continuing to slow down on posting here. I have tons I want to share about my wedding (which is now less than 2 weeks away!) but will be saving most of it until after Steve’s and my nuptials. Steve has always been very supportive of this blog as my hobby – he even plays my blogger bf – but he suggested I take time off during this last crunch, and I think he’s right. There are so many last minute details for a wedding, and more and more keep popping up each day! Like, oops, we forgot to think about décor for the cocktail hour tables! All of this while continuing to be at work fulltime. So yes, Steve was right that for my sanity I should slow down on blogging. I hope you’ll all still follow along on Instagram, where I’ll continue to share OOTD and behind-the-scenes peeks at my wedding preparation. Thanks for your interest!

Navy Blazer

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