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I’m not big on men’s gift guides. I read a lot of them that are tech or hardware geared and think, “How sexist; men in my life don’t care about most of this stuff.” Buzzfeed recently published their own list of great gifts for men with the same sentiment. I read it and realized just because a gift guide says it’s for “men” doesn’t mean it has to follow the typical pattern. Today I’m rounding up my own suggestions of gifts the men in your life might like. They’re not all the stuff you’d see in GQ or Sears, but instead they’re actual items guys I know have been into. Some even overlap with the Buzzfeed list because Steve has tried them himself and can attest for their appeal!

Check it out:

  1. Hillflint School Apparel – Steve purchased a vintage looking sweater from this online store in honor of his alma mater, MSU. I love it because it’s really well-made and helps remove him far from his frat days. What coed do you know who wears a knit sweater to games? 🙂
  2. The Mr. Collection – Here’s another suggestion for clothes, but I think it’s warranted. I’ve learned a lot of guys may not know much about fashion, but if you can help them find an outfit they feel good in, they will be forever grateful. See how Steve enjoyed the service here.
  3. Mojo Spa (Chicago-local, online) – “Spa” may traditionally sound girly, but I promise you Mojo Spa has products everyone will love! They swear their Ultimate Detox charcoal soap is a best seller among guys, and even I love it so much I’ve stolen Steve’s bar a time or two. They also sell soy cream candles that can turn into body cream when melted. Perfect for dry skin or to be used in a romantic massage. Both products can be a gift for your partner (and you).
  4. Work Bag – The men I know, especially as we’re at the age where we’re moving up in our careers, are often asking me about professional but cool work bags. East Dane has a lot of options at many price points. This would be great for a guy starting out in his career or looking to make an impression on his colleagues and clients.
  5. A quirky stocking stuffer – Think about your shared interests, what’s a small, silly gift that relates to those? For example, a friend and her husband watch Doctor Who together, so she surprised him with a Doctor Who inspired wall crack behind their bathroom door. Maybe for you two it’s ingredients to make butterbeer or the soundtrack to Stranger Things.
  6. Coupons & a Six Pack – I mentioned this in last year’s gift guide, and I’ll say it again because it’s so well-received! Choose a 6-pack of your guy’s favorite beer and attach a homemade coupon to each one. Maybe it’s something simple, like one free car wash, or something a little spicy (in the bedroom). I’ve used this multiple times because for whatever reason I’ve found guys love hoarding and redeeming the coupons, for whatever they may be.
  7. Delivery of his favorite alcohol – This is great for a long-distance partner or family member. Shop the alcohol delivery service Drizly and send the guy his favorite liquor or drink ingredients. What a great surprise this will be during the hectic holiday season!
  8. Unique sports apparel – Some guys can never have enough team clothes, but that doesn’t mean they have to dress like every other fan. Here are my favorite online stores to shop for Steve.

So there’s my “men’s gift guide,” with items that I’ve actually gifted or noticed the guys in my life love. Hopefully some of these will be inspiration and help you cross some additional people off of your list.



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5 Responses to Tried and True Gifts for Guys

  1. These are really different ideas and I love that! Men really love different things and I love what you picked!

  2. Ada says:

    I love your gift guide list and that photo of you and your man in your Holiday looks is gorgeous. You should make it your Christmas picture, Jennie. =)

    Happy Holidays!!

    <3 Ada.

  3. Ruth says:

    Guy gifts can be so hard to find! Love all your ideas and websites to look at!

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