Friendsgiving & Small Business Saturday

FriendsgivingCandle c/o Gold Fawn Candle Co.

My University of Dayton girlfriends and I have a lot of traditions, including Vegas trips and a long-distance Secret Santa gift exchange. One of my favorite traditions, though, is our Little Women night in the winter. For several years, any of us living in Chicago at the time will get together for a cozy night in to watch Little Women, the movie version with Winona Ryder. Most of us read the book and saw the movie as young girls, and it was so fun to revisit it with friends later in life! This year, the friend who hosted our Little Women night was a Little Women virgin and we were so happy to share the sweet movie with her! Although admittedly, a lot of it was spent debating whether Christian Bale was hot or a creep. (I thought he got even hotter with “age” despite his drinking in France.) We also realized we ask the same questions year after year. (“What was it their family was? Suffragists? Pacifists? No…what’s the word?” No, the March family was transcendentalists, as they say later in the movie.)


We also incorporated a new tradition to this Little Women night, a Friendsgiving. I made two of my favorite casseroles, sweet potato and green bean. After we were all comfortably full, my friend Aley turned on the stove top and made wassail. We had to have it in time for the scene toward the beginning of the movie! It was such a great night and movie I’ve decided I’ll have to introduce Steve to it this year. What about you, do you have a favorite winter flick?


In addition to sharing a bit about my friend night, I wanted to introduce you to Gold Fawn Candle Co., if you haven’t heard of it before. It’s a small business in Dayton, Ohio, owned by none other than my wedding photographer! I love her entrepreneurial spirit, and was excited to become an ambassador for her candle company. I received the Hansel & Gretel candle this month and it couldn’t smell better. It’s sweet but not overpowering. It also has a really cool wooden wick, something I don’t see on other store bought candles.

I’d highly suggest checking this company out on Black Friday. All fall candles will be marked 40% off AND you can use the coupon code “Jennie25” at checkout to get an additional 25% off.

Want to support other deserving businesses on Small Business Saturday? Here are some I love to shop:

  • Mojo Spa – This Chicago store sells the cutest homemade soaps, makeup and does a great mani. A gift certificate or personalized spa items would be a sweet gift for someone.
  • Goldplaited (Chicago-only) – Know someone who appreciates a good blowout or updo but can’t do it herself? I love Goldplaited and would trust them with anyone’s hair. Look to them for a hair styling or makeup gift certificate.
  • Foursided Chicago – Foursided is an adorable shop that has something for everyone who likes framing, handcrafted items or vintage gifts. You can shop the store online, or order a themed Mystery Box for someone on your list.
  • GV Artwork & Design – This shop is pretty specific, but it’s the place to shop for any fans of Ohio teams in your life. I often have a piece of apparel from them on my own gift wishlists.
  • Steve Quick Jeweler – This is certainly a place for that very special someone on your list, but consider this jewelry store for any sparkly purchases you plan on making. We used the store for my engagement ring and Steve’s wedding ring and couldn’t have felt more comfortable or happy with the service there.


Other than that, I hope you have a relaxing weekend, and your table looks a bit like this on Thanksgiving!

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  1. I love small business Saturday! It’s so much fun to get unique gifts from the small shops that large shops don’t have.

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