Wedding Wednesday: Being In the Wedding

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In continuing with my wedding Wednesday theme, I am writing about another aspect of weddings today. The aspect of being a bridesmaid. I’ve been in a few weddings, the most recent one being my friend {and former blog partner} Amanda’s Chicago wedding. The day was just so much fun and special – I was honored to be help her and Brian celebrate their love.

Going into their wedding day, I had the mindset that it was Amanda’s day. I tried to ignore all of my little concerns (would my curls stay? would Steve remember the gift?) to make sure all of the bride’s were addressed. In the end, I would like to think I succeeded! (I even took it upon myself to help Amanda in to her shoes, that’s me up top.) There are so many ways to be a good bridesmaid. As I’ve already learned from my bridesmaids, it’s not all about helping the bride into her dress. Today I’m sharing five tips on how to be a good bridesmaid, as well as some gorgeous photos from Amanda and Brian’s big day. Keep reading for both!

how to be a good bridesmaid 1

How to Be a Good Bridesmaid

  • Take something off of the bride’s plate. If you’re able to, take on a responsibility – big or small – to lighten the bride’s load. Weddings are such big undertakings (I honestly had no idea just how big until my own planning) that any little bit of help, helps. Your assistance could be as small as going with the bride for her makeup trial or as big as planning the bachelorette party. She’ll really just appreciate you making yourself available to plan details of the big day.
  • Don’t complain. I’ve heard complainy bridesmaids before and trust me, it sounds especially selfish on the bride’s big day. If you’re hot, think of Chicago in January; if you’re thirsty, slip away to find a drinking fountain; and if your feet hurt while standing for photos, just grin bigger. This is supposed to be the couple’s happy day, and they chose you to be a part of it to make it even better.

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  • Be honest. This is related to #2 because no, you shouldn’t complain to the bride, but it is important to speak up if something’s really weighing on you. It’s better than bottling it up and later doing something you regret or that throws off the whole wedding. For example, if a bride is asking you to spend money that’s really beyond your means, speak up, respectively. Maybe there is an expense you both can agree to cut – like makeup – that won’t leave you feeling anxious about your bank balance and will allow you two to move on celebrating the marriage.
  • Be the first on the dance floor, and the loudest to clap at the speeches. As a member of the wedding party you get to help set the tone for the night. If you’re smiling ear-to-ear while watching the couple say their vows, others will pick up on that up and do the same. No one’s on the dance floor but dinner is long over? Pull some of the other bridesmaids out there and bust a move! Weddings are special times, and you have ever right to enjoy them, as well as help the couple start the party.

how to be a good bridesmaid 1

  • Show your happiness for the couple, because hopefully you genuinely are happy. Of all of the things you can do leading up to and on the day of the wedding, the one that costs the less and means the most will be celebrating and supporting the newlyweds. You obviously have a special bond with the bride and groom to be a part of the wedding, so hopefully this is not just their happy day, but also a day you feel genuinely happy for the two of them. Show it and say it!

Thank you Amanda and Brian for asking me to share in your special day, and thank you Hannah Drews Photography for letting me share these beautiful photos!

3 Responses to Wedding Wednesday: Being In the Wedding

  1. Alissa says:

    YES! Those bridesmaid tips are really vital because you sometimes have to know when to speak up, but also when to shut up!

    The Adored Life

  2. Sarah Lagen says:

    Amandas wedding looks beautiful!! I’m so happy for her!!

    Great tips and pointers, I will keep them in mind your wedding this spring! 🙂

    xo, Sarah

  3. Such great tips! I’ve been in two weddings, once as a maid of honor, and both brides were SO different. But still, these tips would apply to both the laid back and bridezilla brides!

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