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I know the following statement might seem contradictory to my life (being in communications and writing my blog), but here’s the truth: I can be slow at adopting new digital trends. I’m still not on Snapchat (I simply creep on people through my fiancé’s) and I just recently downloaded Podcasts from the app store. Early on I dismissed podcasts because I deemed them all too boring. And how was I supposed to listen to an in-depth story during my daily public transit commute? But as soon as I heard about an hourlong show that focuses on the Real Housewives franchise, I decided to give them a chance. And boy, am I hooked. (Just two years later than everyone else.) I started searching for more podcasts to listen to in a pretty simple way – I went to the top charts section in the app. I want to share my favorite podcasts with you, but don’t expect them to be groundbreaking. Who knows, though, maybe you’re still adapting, too!

Favorite podcasts

  1. Bitch Sesh: This is the one that got me into podcasts (thanks, Marissa!). Who wouldn’t want to listen to two funny women rehash all of the week’s Real Housewives episodes? Bonus, they always share quirky, silly stories from their lives. By the end of podcast I find myself wishing we were all in the same room so I could talk back over a glass of wine!
  2. Missing Richard Simmons: This one has been top of the charts for several weeks now, and for a good reason. It’s like Serial for workout-aholics or reality show buffs. (I think, I’ve never actually listened to Serial.) I’m a little too young for Richard Simmons, but I do remember how the man in spandex shorts was fascinating. And now he’s been out of the public eye (missing?) for three years! What could have happened? This show host wants to find out.
  3. Pod Save America: Ok, I’m drinking the liberal Kool-Aid. But really, you might not like this one if you’re not a Democrat. The show is hosted by former Obama speechwriters and spokesperson. They deem it “A no-bullshit conversation about politics. This is a political podcast for people not yet ready to give up or go insane.” Not only does this series help me understand the ever-changing political landscape, the guys are actually pretty funny, too.
  4. Another Round: These ladies are fun. Heben and Tracy host a Buzzfeed podcast and bring on fun hosts to shed light on current political and cultural situations.  They recently had Jordan Peele on a guest, but my personal favorite is when Matt Bellassai joins them.
  5. What Watch Crappens: After watching nearly all of the Bravo shows, you wouldn’t think I’d then need to relive them through a Podcast, too. But that’s what I do. These two men recap Bravo shows the day after they air. My favorite parts of listening to their show are voices they use to make fun of the reality stars, which sound eerily alike the Bravolebrities’ real voices!
  6. Dirty John: Wow, the first few installations I listened to from this I pictured Brooks from Real Housewives. This man also a lying con-artist, so I guess that’s why. This is the story of a liar worming his way into a family’s life, and the craziness that ensues. I think every woman who ever dated a cheater or liar will recognize this type of guy, but thank God that she (hopefully) didn’t have the same experience.

Do you have any favorite podcasts? What should I add to my rotation?

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  1. Sarah Lagen says:

    I love listening to Podcasts! I listen to them everyday on my commute, I’m not familiar with any of these but I’m downloading them now!

    xo, Sarah

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