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Sincerely Jennie Chicago Esthetician

Now that I’ve begun wedding planning I’ve been more in-tune to how other brides-to-be are preparing for their special day. One thing I’ve noticed a lot of the women talk about is their skin care routine. As someone with acne-prone skin, I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about my routine throughout my life. But beyond washing my face twice daily and visiting the dermatologist occasionally, I hadn’t taken many other steps to improve my skin. I’ve realized with my big day approaching maybe I should do something more. So I was thankful when Chicago esthetician and make up artist Meghana Prasad reached out to invite me to visit her Chicago office for a facial. I had a lot of questions!

Sincerely Jennie Chicago Esthetician

Meeting with Meghana was only the second time I had gotten a facial. I was looking forward to a night of pampering, but a little nervous about what a visit with a Chicago esthetician consisted of. I was put at ease as soon as I entered the studio. It’s very cozy and cute, and as I filled out paperwork about my skin type Meghana walked me through what we’d do during the visit. I appreciated that she was honest that as an esthetician she could address a lot of client concerns, but some can’t be fixed overnight (undereye circles) or a dermatologist may be needed to address a deeper issue, like a hormonal imbalance.

As Meghana examined my skin she talked me through what she was seeing. Although I typically describe my skin as oily, she said it’s actually quite dry. (Thanks, Chicago winter!) The more I try to fight the shine, I am actually stripping my skin of the natural oils it needs, and then it overcompensates by producing more. We also talked about my normal skincare routine and she let me know my drugstore facial wash may also be contributing to the dryness. As an esthetician she suggested special regimens with brands only she has access to, and she also suggested some beauty store products that I may benefit from.

Sincerely Jennie Chicago EstheticianHere’s a rare make-up free photo of me before the facial.

When my appointment came to an end, I didn’t want to go! I was so relaxed thanks to the massage and hot towel portion of the visit and I loved talking to Meghana, who is so knowledgeable about a topic that often stumped me. I left with a handwritten note about my suggested regimen. It’s nice to have a better idea of why it seems my skin sometimes rebels against the way I care for it, and clear action to take to improve it (moisturize twice a day!). I appreciate the time Meghana took to help educate me so that I can make changes day to day and prepare for my wedding down the line!

The facial service was given to me free to charge, but the opinions are my own. I was highly impressed with Meghana and would recommend visiting her website if you’re interested in spa, makeup or hair services. 

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