Wedding Wednesday: DIY Seating Chart

DIY wedding seating chart

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I wanted to pop over today and share one of the many DIY projects from my wedding. I always knew I wanted to make a lot of my own details because I love to save a buck and find crafting therapeutic. I ended up creating a lot of my wedding details, from the Save the Date to floral centerpieces. My mom and dad also helped in making some of my DIY dreams come to live. In fact, my mom is waaaay more meticulous than me when it comes to crafting, so when she offered to create a DIY wedding seating chart I was more than happy for her to do so! She assembled pieces of the project in Florida, where she lives, and drove it all the way to Ohio, where the wedding was. Want to hear how the final seating chart came together? Keep reading for supplies needed and steps for finalizing it.

After seeing this seating chart, I wish we’d DIYed a lot of other signage in antique frames. It was absolutely beautiful and fit our color palette perfectly! Here’s what you need if you want to make your own DIY wedding seating chart:
– antique frame
– foam board, cut to size
– navy blue wrapping paper
– Cricut (to cut printed seating arrangements)
– 2 colors paper (to layer seating charts)
– calligraphy expert
– ribbon
– mini clothespins
– double sided tape
– flowers/greenery
– floral tape

Once you find the frame you’ll be using for the project, measure a piece of foam board to fit it and wrapping paper to wrap around the board. Staple or glue the wrapping paper to the back. Next, figure out measurements for how big you want each table guest list to be based on the number of guests and tables.

We chose to print all of the tables and guest names on a computer so we could make updates if needed until the last minute. But if you finalize your count earlier, I think getting a calligrapher to write it, as well as the “Your Seat Awaits” signs, would look beautiful! Once the guest lists were printed, we used a Cricut to cut out decorative edges on scrapbook paper, which layered underneath the table assignments and headline. Layer them together with double sided tape.

The next step is easy! Cut the ribbon to just over the edge of the foam board and secure it in back. Use clothespins and space out the table assignments as you want them.

DIY wedding seating chart

Now come the flowers. Either purchase a flower garland or make your own with flowers and floral tape. (Here’s a helpful video if you don’t know how.) There’s just one more step, but consider doing it at the reception venue: Affix the strand of flowers to the frame with tape.

So how difficult was this DIY wedding seating chart? Not too much, but there were certainly techniques required everyone might not know. There were also certainly supplies needed that you’ll have to invest in or seek out.  But if crafting is for you, you’ll love seeing your work displayed at yours (or a loved one’s) special day! Photos by Tonya Espy Photography

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  1. This is really amazing! I love how you crafted the seating chart. I would have loved to make this for my wedding. It’s so pretty!

  2. Sarah Lagen says:

    I love how this turned out Jennie, your wedding was so beautiful!! 🙂

    xo, Sarah

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