Wicked Wedding Fun in Boston

cold-shoulder dress

This past weekend was Steve’s and my final wedding of 2017. It was his cousin’s wedding, and several aunts and uncles asked us how many wedding we’ve been to this year. We did count and we’ve been to eight. I think that’s pretty par for the course in your late 20s with a big family, but everyone else was really surprised! We’re certainly excited traveling for weddings is over for now (and just in time for the holidays). Of course the trips we did have were good because we got to celebrate our loved ones getting married. And some of the weddings we went to this past year brought us to cool cities in one of my favorite places to visit: the east coast. We got to go to Philly and Boston, where these photos were taken. I wanted to share some of the fun we had out east, as well as one of my Nordstrom sale purchases. This cold-shoulder dress is out of stock, but here is one that’sĀ very similarĀ as well as other options at the end of this post.

Beacon Hill

The most recent wedding out east was in late August and the leaves had already started to turn in the mountains of New Hampshire, where the wedding was. We stopped in Boston before flying out to Chicago, and it was another gorgeous leg of the trip. How cute are these streets and colorful homes?! I felt like my bright blue cold shoulder shift (similar) fit in perfectly with the vibrant colors. Of course now, during fall in Chicago, I couldn’t get away with wearing the dress with the sandals I have on in these photos!

cold-shoulder dress

Beacon Hill

I know the east coast is no joke in the winter, but looking back at these pictures makes me wish I could go visit again soon. Steve and I had a great time on the Boston Trail, eating sweets from Mike’s Pastry and seeing a ball game at Fenway. Truthfully, my favorite thing about Boston was probably the accent. I know most girls love a good British accent, but a Boston accent is where it’s at for me! Think Ben Affleck in The Town. I spent most of our weekend in the city mimicking the locals…until Steve told me to stop before I got punched. HA! I’ll just continue to practice at home until the next time we’re back.

cold-shoulder dress

Want more cold-shoulder dress options? I’ve rounded some up:

2 Responses to Wicked Wedding Fun in Boston

  1. Amanda says:

    This cobalt color is gorgeous on you!

  2. Sarah Lagen says:

    I agree that this dress is a great color on you!!

    I loved Boston when we went out last year too!! We had so much fun and we got cannoli at Mike’s too, ha

    xo, Sarah

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