Clarins Spring Launch Event

Clarins Spring Launch

With my upcoming wedding (and impending 30th birthday) I’m trying to stick to “quality over quantity” more often when it comes to beauty products. Sure, I still look for deals (I can’t say no to a drugstore mascara that does its job), but I also weigh the lasting effects of what I’m purchasing. I’m willing to spend more on a product if it means more pigment and staying power.

I was extremely excited to be invited to a Clarins  launch event for their new spring products.  Clarins was one of those brands my younger self would have never thought she could – or should – afford. I’ve gradually been introduced to the brand through its lipstick, and now I see the rest of their products are just as purchase-worthy. I find myself reaching for Clarins makeup daily, whether it’s for a day at work or night out. Read after the jump to see my four favorite Clarins products you should add to your makeup drawer.

Clarins Spring Launch

Let me just start by saying how impressed I was by Clarins simply for the science behind their products. The research that goes into everything really makes me believe it’s going to work. For example, this spring they’ve launched Body Fit, an anti-cellulite body treatment. The Clarins representatives offered a detailed explanation behind the formula and the plants used. So in-depth, I can’t even repeat it. Beyond that, what I found most impressive is that 80% of women saw visible results after using it! Plenty of Clarins’ other products deserve praise too, and I can say that because I’ve tried them.

Clarins Spring Launch

1.  Pore Perfecting Matifying Foundation – This by far is my favorite product I received from Clarins. The formula helps blur the look of fine lines and enlarged pores, and smooths the skin tone. It also helps create a shine-free complexion. The first time I applied it I did so looking in a magnifying mirror and I saw my pores disappear right before my eyes. I like using this product as a base layer for makeup when I have a long day planned.

Clarins Spring Launch

2. Joli Rouge Brillant (bottom left) – I was first introduced to Clarins through lipstick. The formula comes in beautiful shades that moisturize lips while staying put. With this lipstick, Clarins’ exclusive Shine Booster + Complex and fine pearlescent pigments deliver a subtle, irresistible shine.

2. Face Contouring Palette (top right) – The Clarins rep who introduced us to these products made a big deal over the contouring palette, and rightfully so! A contouring palette is something that should be in everyone’s makeup drawer. It makes my makeup process so much simpler because all I have to do is follow directions and, voila, a defined face! Seriously, I used this palette this morning with not much else and my fiancé complimented my makeup. Since when do guys notice our makeup?!

3. 4-Colour All-in-One Pen (bottom right) – Remember the pens in middle school with multiple colors of ink, and you’d just push down which one you wanted to use that class period? This is that pen, but for your face. The pen includes three retractable eyeliner shades in black, brown and indigo to define the eyes, and a natural beige lip liner to prevent lipstick from bleeding. Buy this just for the sake of nostalgia!

Clarins Spring Launch

A huge thank you to Clarins for having me to this lovely launch party. The Clarins team was delightful, and really knew their stuff. (Their European accents didn’t hurt, either!) Thank you also for snapping these lovely photos from brunch at Soho House so I could share them with my readers. I received the products c/o but the opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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  1. Amy Arnold says:

    These all sound and look like such great products. I rarely spend much on beauty, but if it is a quality product I will. Sounds like a cool event.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. I love Clarins so much! This looks like such a fun event!

  3. Such a great inspirational post, and nice stuff make up!
    Mónica Sors

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