Chicago Summer Bucket List

Chicago summer bucket list

This past weekend Steve and I visited friends of ours to say goodbye before their move to Ohio. We are sad to have our good friends leave the city, and it also got us thinking about what’s next for us. In the car Steve asked me for my five-year plan and I jokingly said “I can give you my five-week plan.” We obviously didn’t get married without at least discussing our future, but that’s also not something we can decide in a day. Until then, we’ll be working on our Chicago summer bucket list. Keep reading to see what we hope to do in the next few months.

Chicago summer bucket list

Below are 10 things Steve and I talked about wanting to do this summer, either together or just something we’d personally find fun. Check out our ideas to see if you might want to add anything to your own Chicago summer bucket list, and leave a comment about what we missed!

  1. Attend Movies in the Park. La La Land and Ghost are on our calendar.
  2. Go to a Cubs game. (I’ve had tickets to both on a rooftop and in the stadium, and I personally like sitting in the stadium the best!)
  3. Spend a day at the beach (either in the city or out of town).
  4. Bring a blanket and drinks to the free summer music series in Millennium Park. Just like Movies in the Park, this event is quintessential Chicago in the summer!
  5. Dine al fresco – bonus points if it’s a rooftop from this list of the best!
  6. Use our apartment’s grills more. We can already check off one grilled dinner, I made these foil packets last week.
  7. Get fit at an outdoor workout class. (But check the heat index first!) There are so many options, including free workouts offered through Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.
  8. Go out with Sarah or Steve for photos in front of Chicago’s many beautiful murals. I like referring to the Instagram hashtag #WallCharades to find my next location!
  9. Write our wedding thank you notes. Admittedly this is on my bucket list, because Steve already did his! With our wedding more than one month in the past, it’s time for me to buckle down.
  10. Get another adorable manicure (or two) at Mojo Spa. They have the cutest nail decals and stickers and their nail techs do amazing art, too! My friend Amanda got a palm leaf inspired mani that was featured on the shop’s Instagram.

Chicago summer bucket list

By the way, I still can’t decide on these sunglasses for my face. I bought them because they looked so good on Cathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied. Now that I see them on me in photos, I feel like I look like one of the three blind mice! At least they were really inexpensive from Amazon. I actually just ordered another cheap pair too, because I saw Blake Lively wore them. Will report back on how those fit my face, too!

Banana Republic – Ryan fit short (I own them in magenta, too!) | One-shoulder top – rent / own | Lipstick – Urban Decay TMI | Amazon – round mirror sunglasses

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  1. Kirsten Wick says:

    I love your list and can I say that your top is perfect. Have a great week. Love, Kirsten x

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