Sunny and Sixty

Chicago palm leaf mural

So this little twirl above sums up how I felt about the weekend. Chicagoans are going wild for the 60 degree weather. Even better, it’s supposed to continue through the beginning part of this week. Although Steve and I were inside for a large part of the day Saturday, we still got to enjoy the sun. We walked outside during our lunch break at Pre-Cana (Catholic marriage preparation) and went on an evening jog. On Sunday, we planned brunch and shopping on Milwaukee Ave so we could stroll outside for a better part of the day. Really, it was just such an amazing reminder about what’s to come in a few months!

Sweater – Banana Republic | Skirt – Banana Republic {similar} | Shoes – via Nordstrom Last Chance | FAVORITE red lipstick Lorac Alter Ego in Pin Up | Photos by Sarah

Chicago palm leaf mural

Since the weather has been warmer, I’ve been mixing clothing from different seasons. I purchased so many skirts last summer that I’m trying to find ways to decrease the cost per wear by pairing them with lightweight sweaters. You might remember this printed Banana Republic skirt from a previous post. I absolutely loved how a jean jacket could dress it down in summer, and now a gray sweater makes it a little more appropriate for this time of year when the temps haven’t risen past 70 degrees yet. (Even if the Chicago palm leaf mural leads you to believe otherwise.)

Chicago palm leaf mural

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Pre-Cana is, which I mentioned above, it’s a requirement for any couples getting married in the Catholic church. Steve and I chose a course in a Chicago suburb because the day-long class fit with our schedule. We had no idea that on Feb. 18 the class would also conflict with one of the nicest days of the winter! Luckily the teacher sensed we were all itching to be outside and let us out a little early. It felt really nice to have spent that important time with Steve, and then even better to end the day with a jog together. It’s something I rarely do with Steve, but who could pass up spending more quality time with the fiancé on a sunny day?

Chicago palm leaf mural


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3 Responses to Sunny and Sixty

  1. Sarah Lagen says:

    I can’t believe that we snapped these pictures on the coldest day and now it’s soooo warm out!! Thank goodness! You look so great and ready for spring!

    xo, Sarah

  2. Justine says:

    I’m LOVING this backdrop and that skirt girl! It was so good seeing you briefly at Soho last week, we should get together soon!


  3. Peggy says:

    You look super cute! I’m glad you got to enjoy the weather a bit 🙂

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