Chicago Bachelorette

This post continues Bachelorette Week on Sincerely, Jennie. Read Monday’s post for the story on my unexpected Charleston trip, and Tuesday’s post for bride-worthy outfits and accessories.

Chicago bachelorette

So I couldn’t spend all week talking about bachelorette fun without mentioning my coworkers. Remember how my bachelorette party in Charleston didn’t go quite as planned? One of the first people I texted for support was my coworker Marissa. Coworkers sometimes know more about your day-to-day life than other friends, and that applied here. Marissa had heard for weeks about what I wanted to do on the trip, what I’d wear, etc. She’s always so supportive both with professional and personal issues, that I reached out to her when I got the bad news about my friends’ flights.

In addition to Marissa, I work with a special group of people and throughout my wedding planning they became even closer to me than just coworkers. Especially when they went to great lengths to throw Steve and me a bridal shower and bachelorette party – complete with an unsanctioned Snapchat filter and a big surprise!

Chicago bachelorette

After my very tame, respectable weekend in Charleston I was ready for some good ol’ fashioned bachelorette fun. I knew I didn’t have to look any further than my coworkers, one of whom had “won” a happy hour at Howl at the Moon. (I use quotations because I am pretty sure anyone who enters “wins.”) After a very Instagramable bridal shower thrown at our office, we all headed out to the Sincerely, Jennie After Party. The night was exactly what I wanted. My hand never empty of a drink, dancing and singing our favorite songs on stage and – something I wasn’t expecting – my out of town friends who had missed my Charleston party! They’d coordinated with a coworker to meet us out, and Steve had helped hide them at our place until it was time.

At first, I honestly a little overwhelmed seeing these friends show up and hearing there was a whole weekend planned with other girlfriends in Chicago. This was just mere weeks from my wedding – I had planning to do! But at the end of our fun (and tiring) weekend I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I got to wear my bachelorette sash and tiara both nights, listen to embarrassing stories about my past relationships, and play a “newlyweds” game with Steve. They are memories with great friends that I’m so happy I have.

Chicago bachelorette

Beyond the memories with great friends, I’m also happy to have shared more with coworkers outside of work: dancing on stage to Hamilton music and eating late-night food at Portillo’s, to name a few. A recent article made me appreciate the friendships I’ve made at work. For some reason our office seems to have an odd cliquey-ness to it, but not in an a way to exclude others. Just in a way that everyone knows a lot about each other’s personals lives. And we like confiding in each other and hanging out together outside of work. For that reason, I had no qualms asking them if they’re help throw me a Chicago bachelorette. And throw it they did. ? I will not forget my time on the Howl at the Moon stage for quite some time.

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