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Wedding Wednesday: Out of the Office

Charleston bachelorette partyImage via Gal Meets Glam

Well, I’m about to put up my “out of office” email and don my “do not disturb” hat. I’m so excited to be traveling to the East Coast tomorrow for my bachelorette party! I had a hard time choosing where I wanted to travel because there were just too many good choices! As much as my friends and I love Vegas, I decided it isn’t exactly the atmosphere I wanted for this girls trip. I loved Austin when I was there two years ago, and could see myself going back with friends but instead wanted somewhere new. In the end I chose to have a Charleston bachelorette party despite never having been to the city. From what I read, Charleston seems like the perfect combination of night life and charming daytime activities. And the weekend we have planned will reflect that.

I’m packing a bag for the range of activities and to fit into that cheery, preppy Southern vibe I gather Charleston has. Here are some of the items in my suitcase:

As for what all we’ll be doing, my five friends and I will end up all being in Charleston for a relatively short time. So we aren’t trying to cram too much into the trip. Instead, we have a few things planned but are keeping the rest of the time open to wander at will. Charleston is a super foodie town, and we were even too late making reservations two weeks in advance to the most popular spots. Thankfully there are a lot of options, and we did get a few good restaurants on the calendar.  And since everyone  suggests the carriage rides through historic Charleston, we purchased tickets for an afternoon. Other than that, a trip to the beach, a rooftop bar and perhaps a to-go coffee from the Butcher & Bee are on my list.

I hope you have exciting weekend planned. I myself am excited to get started on mine early with a Charleston bachelorette party!

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Shower

Pinterest Bridal Shower

One of the best parts about being engaged (besides getting closer to Steve!) has been celebrating with our closest friends and family. A lot of our friends have witnessed the evolution of our relationship since the beginning. For example, at my friend Amanda’s wedding in November, a college friend and her husband were laughing remembering when Steve and I came to their Washington, D.C., wedding nearly four years ago. Steve and I had only been dating about four months. Apparently when I RSVP’ed they were like, “Who is this random Jennie is bringing to our wedding?” It turned out to be my future fiancé!

Pinterest Bridal Shower

While on that trip, Steve and I stayed with my friend Amanda (above). She lived in a studio apartment, and I shared her bed with her while Steve graciously slept on an air mattress. Amanda and I gossiped about our relationships late into the night. At one point, Steve called out through the dark, “You know I can hear you!” It’s happy memories like that at the beginning of our relationship that make celebrating our impending nuptials with the same people so fun! For today’s Wedding Wednesday I wanted to share photos from my friend bridal shower in Chicago. It was the perfect Pinterest bridal shower, as described by Amanda, the hostess with the mostess. Keep reading to see more amazing decor and bridal inspiration.

Save the Date

creative save the date

Monday marked three months until Steve’s and my wedding. Eek! One thing on our list that we’re currently executing are our invitations. The invites will be quite different from the save the dates we designed as a couple on Photoshop. Our invitations will take a traditional route, while Steve and I put our heads together to make what we felt was a creative save the date. We wanted something that showcased us as a couple. We also wanted it to involve social media.

Social media/our online presence played a large part in our relationship since the beginning. We met on OKCupid, moved our conversations to Gmail, then text, then to in-person. In the early flirtatious days we often commented on each other’s social posts. (This was back when writing on Facebook walls was cool. We cringe when some of our public messages show up on the site’s “On This Day” feature.) Now, between my blog and Steve’s job at a social media agency, there’s not a night that doesn’t go by that we’re not sharing social posts with each other on the couch. Therefore when it came time to make a creative save the date, we felt it was time to unveil our bitmojis in the form of a Snapchat mockup. We hired Steve’s coworker to do the art. I have to say, I like the artistic license she took with the flower in my hair.

Our friends caught on to the cards right away. Our parents, well, they just complimented us on such cute cartoon characters. We were really happy with our design turned out, and I like seeing that it sticks out on our refrigerator among all of the more traditional save the dates. The point of this Wedding Wednesday post is to share that you can bring your own personality into weddings. And it can begin with the first branded piece you share publicly with your guests. I’ve pulled some other creative save the date cards as inspiration. Continue after the jump to get your creative juices flowing.


Wedding Wednesday: Being In the Wedding

how to be a good bridesmaid 1

In continuing with my wedding Wednesday theme, I am writing about another aspect of weddings today. The aspect of being a bridesmaid. I’ve been in a few weddings, the most recent one being my friend {and former blog partner} Amanda’s Chicago wedding. The day was just so much fun and special – I was honored to be help her and Brian celebrate their love.

Going into their wedding day, I had the mindset that it was Amanda’s day. I tried to ignore all of my little concerns (would my curls stay? would Steve remember the gift?) to make sure all of the bride’s were addressed. In the end, I would like to think I succeeded! (I even took it upon myself to help Amanda in to her shoes, that’s me up top.) There are so many ways to be a good bridesmaid. As I’ve already learned from my bridesmaids, it’s not all about helping the bride into her dress. Today I’m sharing five tips on how to be a good bridesmaid, as well as some gorgeous photos from Amanda and Brian’s big day. Keep reading for both!


Wedding Wednesday: Finding the Ring


I was recently talking to a girlfriend who confided in me that she and her boyfriend looked at engagement rings (eeeee!). The conversation was so exciting, and it brought me back to almost a year ago when Steve and I started seriously looking at rings. We went to a very fancy jeweler in Lincoln Park simply because they carried rings by the designer that I thought I wanted. Steve and I each had a glass of champagne and picked out a favorite ring. But we left a little overwhelmed and knowing there was still more ring shopping to be done! Thankfully, with the help of experienced friends and a {different} jeweler, Steve surprised me with an amazing ring!  For today’s Wedding Wednesday, I thought I’d take you through some of things we found to be helpful when engagement ring shopping.


  1. Shop together in-person. Some couples might agree that they want the ring to be a surprise and I think that’s great. But, I found a lot of value in trying on rings in-person with Steve. It helps to see the cuts and metals on your own hand to know if what you see in magazines will resonate with you on your finger day to day. Your partner can also take notes about what you like so you can still be surprised!
  2. Follow your instincts. As I mentioned, Steve and I went to a specific jewelry store first because it carried a certain designer. Although the salesperson there was perfectly nice, we didn’t really connect with her. Thankfully, we found someone else who patiently helped Steve better understand what to look for in engagement rings, was sure to invite us to a wedding ring Trunk Show, and has kept up with us via email so we can ask any questions we may have about my ring at any time. It’s great to feel as if we’re actually in control and can trust the person we’re working with.
  3. Do. your. research. Don’t just trust the first jeweler you meet to sell you the diamond and ring. Don’t commit before talking to your parents, your friends (who’ve been there), and reading up on your options. Going in feeling knowledgeable about the four C’s will help you be more confident in your purchase. (P.S. I found a lot of great infographics on Pinterest that break down the ring shopping process.)engagement ring shopping
  4. Don’t get caught up in designer names. In the end, you are going to look at your engagement ring everyday, so you – and probably your partner – are the only ones who should have an opinion. It doesn’t matter if the ring is by a well-known designer or just something you dreamed up and a local jewelry designer helped come to life. You just need to love it.
  5. Lastly, let people spoil you. As I’m enjoying finding out, people want to make you feel special during the engagement process. So have those glasses of champagne while ring shopping, gush to your friends about it, and don’t be afraid to celebrate once the engagement finally happens. It’s just the start of many more celebrations!

Photos by Hannah Drews Photography