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This Weekend

American Express Platinum

Well, this weekend for Steve and I will be quite different than one we recently had in Chicago. We’re taking off for Athens, Ga., to celebrate Steve’s college roommate’s wedding. There won’t be any Bulls players signing autographs there (that we know of, ha). We recently had a blast attending an event at the United Center to help celebrate the launch of American Express Platinum. Chicago was one of many cities around the country where fun events were happening thanks to Amex and Uber. (The companies have teamed up to offer card holders Uber rides.) We received awesome seats to the Bulls game and attended a post-game meet & greet with legend Scottie Pippen! Not to brag, but guests also received VIP treatment throughout the night – from an exclusive entrance with a Platinum carpet and walking away with a signed Scottie Pippen jersey in their gift bags. It was truly a date night to remember, thanks to American Express Platinum!

Of course not every weekend can be filled with a Bulls Hall of Famer. This time, we’ll have to settle for visiting loved ones in the Peach State. 🙂 If you’re looking for things to do this weekend, why don’t you…

  1. Read how one woman profited off of an unexpected change in flight plans. (Thankfully everything was peaceful.)
  2. Help plan the next bachelorette party you’re going to in one of the top destination cities. Do you want wild or tame? This survey has them all.
  3. Take a look at the cutest – and inexpensive – embroidered blouse Roxanne is modeling.
  4. Reserve your ticket to the Chicago Saved by the Bell popup restaurant. There are less than 50 days left!
  5. Shop the Victoria Beckham for Target collection. Can you believe there are still options left? I picked up this ruffle hem dress.

This Weekend

Banana Republic friends and familyBanana Republic – gingham heels {they’re selling out fast – so snatch them up!}

I have to brag a little about my gingham shoe find. I purchased this pair of chunky heel sandals this week during the Banana Republic Friends and Family sale. During this promotion, you can purchase up to five regular-priced items for 50% off! That marks the heels down to $64. But I wasn’t done. I had Banana Republic rewards to use from the store’s credit card. After applying those at checkout, my total was a whopping $8!!! This is the kind of purchase I hold on to for years just because it’s a victory in the sale world.

If you’re in to gingham of any sort, I highly suggest you shop the Banana Republic Friends and Family sale this weekend.  There is gingham galore! I’m talking bathing suits, pants, more heels and accessories. A-dor-a-ble! It all seems perfect for my upcoming bachelorette party in Charleston. The heels are definitely getting packed in my suitcase, now I have to find the perfect white dress to go with them. (Thankfully, that’s where my Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription comes in.) Can’t wait to see the other gingham pieces I ordered online!

If you’re giving your credit card a rest, no worries. I’ve rounded up several other things to do this weekend! This weekend, why don’t you…

  1. Take your Big Little Lies obsession a little bit further by reading up on what the costume designer wants their clothes to convey. And then, enjoy a new episode on Sunday!
  2. Go head over heels for the monochromatic look all over again with Lo’s camel outfit.
  3. Brush up on your Disney knowledge with this video of Easter eggs you may have missed the first time around.
  4. Whether you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend or next, know which drinks you’ll have at the bar.
  5. Choose your next read with the help of Ashley, who just launched a website for her book list!

This Weekend

Crowning EventImage via Crowning Event

I seem to have suddenly become flower obsessed after my floral design class earlier this week. Just yesterday I came across the most beautiful Instagram full of flower crowns and noticed that the company is in Chicago, and that it’s hosting an event this Sunday! I quickly signed up for a class with Crowning Event to learn how to DIY a flower crown. I can’t wait! Not only will it be fun to get crafty again, I’ll also be well-equipped for festivals and bridal activities this summer. There are still spots if you’re in Chicago and want to join. Bonus: You can get a discount on tickets using code “INSTAGRAM2017.” If flower crowns aren’t your thing, I still have plenty of other ideas. This weekend, why don’t you…

  1. Update your makeup drawer (I know I need to) with a new mascara, based on great recommendations from Between the Pearls.
  2. LOL like my fiancé and I did with this article ranking Girl Scout cookies in order of their betchiness.
  3. Get in that romantic feel with outfit inspo and lace from Every Chic Way.
  4. Learn why Columbus, Ohio, really isn’t that bad, especially according to this Racked article on the city’s influence in the fashion industry.
  5. Plan your next vacation (and dream of blue water) with a trip suggestion from Bows & Sequins.

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This Weekend

pompom hat

It’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve done my Friday links roundup but a fan – okay, a friend – asked me to bring it back so I obliged. Emily, I hope you enjoy this, and I hope everyone else finds an article that gives them inspiration. (I’ve been holding on to a few of these for weeks, so my apologies if you’re already seen one or two!) So without further adieu, this weekend why don’t you…

  1. Laugh at these Jersey Shore memes paired with corresponding movie titles.
  2. Plan your next vacation to the Seven Magic Mountains, what looks like an amazing art installation! 
  3. Read a funny article on Racked about the business casual of our teenage dreams.
  4. Start shopping clothes from one of my favorite shows (GG2D) with this helpful Worn on TV website.
  5. Get in the kitchen and make zoodles with a creamy and healthy sauce – I made it and loved it!
  6. Begin planning your date night outfits for when it gets a little warmer, I love Sarah’s flirty OTS top and ripped jeans.
  7. Escape reality for a while with a help of these made-to-make-you-feel-great TV shows.
  8. Start shopping for wedding season early with fashionable (and inexpensive) dresses sold on Amazon. You won’t believe what’s on there!
  9. Get ready for a major closet upgrade – Olivia Palermo is designing a capsule collection for Banana Republic.
  10. Warm up your vocal chords and queue up Netflix to play one of these (subjectively) best musicals.


New Years Sales

I know we probably all did a lot of shopping over the last few weeks, but as soon as I received money at Christmas it started burning a hole in my pocket! So I took advantage of the new years sales. There are a lot of deals online, but I found the best stuff was marked down in-stores. Below are some of the best sales I shopped:

New Years Sales1. Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale: Wow, what a madhouse when I went in-stores to Victoria’s Secret. But it was totally worth it! They have tons of bras and sports bras included in the Semi-Annual Sale, and I picked up the cutest pajamas. For an extra fun purchase, I got an adorable plaid romper to sleep in (similar romper here).

New Years Sales2. Ulta Clearance: Ulta’s clearance aisle is a trove of goodies, and that’s especially true for after the holidays. The store had tons of hair and beauty markdowns. I picked up a new curling iron that I desperately needed and was 25% off the original price (here is the link but it seems to only be on sale in stores). There are also lots of fun bath items, soaps and nail polishes to stock up on for throughout the year. Who says you have to stop smelling like Christmas when the holiday ends?

New years sales

3. Banana Republic: Stores are already starting to make way for spring styles even though it’ll be sweater weather for many more weeks. I shopped Banana Republic’s extra 50% off sale to get a new coat. My style seems to be sold out online, but this was a close second.

New years sales

4. Crate & Barrel holiday clearanceI had a gift card to Crate & Barrel and popped in just to see what it could get me. I wanted everything! It’s the perfect time to shop the store and stock up for next year’s holiday decor. Since I don’t have much storage (one day…) I just bought one red vase that will be beautiful for other times than just the holidays.

So hope you don’t have a spending freeze this January. Even if you do, some of these sales might be worth bending the rules for!

shows to binge-watch on Thanksgiving

Something I’m guilty of every holiday is staying up wayyy later than I need to at night just because I don’t have to work the next day. Don’t have to set an alarm? I should stay up until 1 a.m. doing nothing of value! But let’s be honest, isn’t it fun to feel that little bit of freedom? When I’m up late, I typically binge-watch a show that I’ve been slowly working my way through or meaning to. After last year’s Making of a Murderer phenomenon, I was excited to hear I’m apparently not alone is this tradition. If you’re looking for shows to pick up (or relive) this weekend, here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life: Do I really need to say anything more about this? The 4-episode saga will be on Netflix Nov. 25. Thank goodness Black Friday shopping can now be done from home, and in front of the TV.
  2. The Night Of: I’m sure someone you know has told you by now to watch this HBO miniseries. It’s the tale of a seemingly good guy who somehow ends up in the middle of a murder trial. As the series evolves, it becomes an examination of the prison system and its possible wrongdoings.
  3. Broad Church: If you already watched The Night Of and liked it, then move on to this British mini-series. I thought it was *brilliant,* and well-written. Follow along as residents’ secrets are uncovered one by one after a crime rocks a small town.
  4. Gossip Girl: Last year I rewatched all of the Gossip Girl Thanksgiving episodes because I’d rather overdose on the show’s drama than pumpkin pie. Really, if you’re not going to make it through all the seasons, skip through to each Thanksgiving episode to see how much changes and what always seems to stay the same. (Dan lusting after Serena, Serena doing whatever the hell she wants, parents exerting no control, etc…)
  5. How I Met Your Mother: This will probably be the series I binge-watching over Thanksgiving this year. I just started again the middle of the series, and love being reintroduced to all of the gang’s inside jokes. They seem even more relevant as I get closer in age to the characters in the show.
  6. This Is Us: Here’s one you can binge-watch with the whole family. So seriously, introduce your mom to the art of sitting in front of the TV for hours on end, and bring the tissues.
  7. Stranger Things: Do yourself a favor and binge-watch this now so you’ll be ready for when Season 2 comes out. I just hope you share a room with a sibling, because trust me, it’ll keep you up at night.
  8. Younger: Refer to this post for the top reasons to pick up this series this weekend. And if those aren’t enough reasons to binge-watch, this guy is in it, and shirtless a lot.

So here’s to eating too much this Thanksgiving – it’s just a way to excuse yourself to your room to start, or finish, these series! Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

This Weekend

Chicago Marathon

I am really looking forward to this weekend because it’s a big one, but mostly for Steve! He’s running his first marathon, the Chicago Marathon. I have been so impressed with his months of training and am looking forward to see them pay off for him this weekend. Right now my biggest question is what will I write on the poster I’ll use to cheer from the sidelines. Have you seen any funny marathon signs?

If you’re like I was in the past, and are avoiding the Chicago Marathon craziness, there’s a lot more to do! This weekend, why don’t you…

  1. Invest in an adorable suede dress for the cooler days like Kim.
  2. Hit up a farmers market and deck your house out for fall using some cute styling tips from Adriele. @StyleAssisted
  3. Get in the Fly the W spirit by visiting one of the Chicago bars that was open the last time the Cubs won the World Series.
  4. Slip into a quick and comfortable outfit using these easy ootd formulas.
  5. Book your ticket to the Blue Man Group this holiday season. They’ve announced some really cool shows that are better than that TV movie marathon you had planned.

This Weekend

Sprinkles olive oil cupcake

I’m traveling for another wedding this weekend, but before I took off I had to treat myself to some sweets. Now through October 6 you can enjoy a limited edition Sprinkles olive oil cupcake – a flavor that sounded a little odd at first but is addictive! The cupcake is extremely moist thanks to the extra virgin olive oil and has a surprising orange glaze and rosemary sprig pieces. The cupcakes were so good that the fiancé and I had to hold ourselves back from double helpings. We are on a wedding diet, after all!

To celebrate the limited edition Sprinkles olive oil cupcake, the store is serving a BOGO for all customers named OLIVE, OLIVIA or OLIVER. Bring in your ID and whisper ” Olive Sprinkles!” and enjoy a pair of these delicious cupcakes. In addition to treating yourself this weekend, why don’t you…

  1. Balance the sweet with Rebecca’s savory tomato, basil and mozzarella tart recipe.
  2. Switch over your closet from summer to fall with advice from Who What Wear on which shoes to have at the ready.
  3. Give your wardrobe a new look with 30 styling tips from J. Crew.
  4. See witty SATC conversations reimagined through text.
  5. Laugh your head off at this Ellen DeGeneres clip with Michelle Obama (laugh a second time if you’ve probably already seen it).

I received these cupcakes free of charge but the opinions expressed are my own.

This Weekend

navy blazer goldplaited braidsFYI: Every Friday get a free braid at Goldplaited with a $20 purchase. 

Happy weekend, y’all! After a heat wave in Chicago, it’s starting too cool down and I’m pretty excited about that. I love the warm weather, but would like an excuse to wear my new Banana Republic navy blazer (on sale!). The collegiate blazer will fit in nicely with my fiance’s and my trip to the University of Chicago on Saturday. We’ve never seen the campus so we thought we would explore it a bit on the way to Indiana.

If you’re looking for things to do this weekend, why don’t you…

  1. Upgrade your topknot with a bun cuff, shared by Hilary Duff on her Instagram!
  2. Say how you feel like Reese does with so many adorable workout T’s.
  3. Get inspiration from taking a sweet dress to sassy from Myriad Musings.
  4. Check out all the cute fall styles at Old Navy as modeled by real women in all 50 states.
  5. Queue up Netflix with the 20 best romantic comedies to watch by age 30 as selected by Cosmopolitan.

This Weekend

Labor Day Weekend salesShopping Labor Day Weekend sales? H&M (where these earrings are from) has up to 60% off.

Labor Day Weekend sales to shop (and favorite products):


This week was a big week for me. Why? Because I got Instagram Stories! haha I’m still not on Snapchat for several reasons (one being a shortage of data), so the announcement of Instagram Stories was huge for my social media game. Sadly, it took a few weeks for the feature to update on my phone. Now that it has, I’m having fun trying it out! Maybe it’ll be my gateway to Snapchat, we’ll see…

Being that it’s Labor Day Weekend I’m sure you all have plenty planned! But just in case you’re looking for something to do, this weekend why don’t you…

  1. Host an adorable tea party like the ladies on Sandy a la Mode.
  2. Shop those Labor Day Weekend sales for something useful, like a sports bra that will support tatas of all sizes.
  3. Wish good luck to all the kids headed back to school, especially the awkward middle school years. This blog post to tweens/teens about school really struck a nerve with me.
  4. Take one last spin around Chicago – but on a boat. Check out my favorite boat tour.
  5. Embrace fall fashion and add a colored trouser to your wardrobe, like Laurie.