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Man, I was really ready to take on 2018. I ended 2017 on a good note – feeling rested and newly excited by workouts again. I came back to work after the New Year feeling slow and disinterested. What was wrong with me, I thought? Then I got my answer. A tickle started in my throat, and the next morning I had a full blown cold. I slept 12 hours the first day of my sickness because I was so worn down. The gym back I’d packed hasn’t been used in the four days I’ve been alternating between sleeping in my bed and resting on the couch. Of course, a little sickness isn’t the worst way to start the year. But it certainty does help me feel ready to grab 2018 by the … well, you know.

I’m trying to keep my momentum going by thinking about everything I’ll do once I’m not sick. Everything I’ll do immediately and for the rest of the year. Which yes, includes trying new trends like wearing a beret. While I’m not one for “resolutions” in the traditional sense of choosing a change to make or add, I have thought about several goals I have for myself this year. Can’t wait until I’m recovered to see them through!


Do workouts that make me sore. Sure, let’s start with a workout-related goal. On my time off over the holiday I took several new or challenging workouts that left me sore. I was reminded how good it feels to know you’re building more muscle! I need to continue to carve time out for these classes (or even just my favorite at-home workouts) so I can become stronger and healthier. 

Plan more date nights. Despite Steve and I spending a lot of time together, I can’t always say it’s quality time. We love binging on TV shows from the couch, but when do we take the time to put electronics down or turn them off and just be together? In my relationship I really value that one-on-one conversation, and Steve knows this, so we’ve vowed to do more date nights out in 2018.


Go to church more often. Steve and I had a Catholic wedding last year and I kind of felt like a fraud. For several years in my 20s I went to church nearly every Sunday. For some reason, although I was drawn to Steve because he was Catholic, he and I stopped going to Church soon after we started dating. We just went again on Dec. 31, hoping to get back into the habit.

Visit Ottawa, Ill. I finished “The Radium Girls” at the end of 2017, and their stories really impacted me. I was especially drawn to it because some of the book took place in Ottawa and Chicago! The actual radium factory was in Ottawa, where there is now a statue erected in honor of the women. Bonus, I can finally visit nearby Starved Rock on the same trip.


Find somewhere to volunteer. I’ve saved at least 1/2 a dozen volunteer activities that I’d like to take part in, yet have yet to take the step of doing so. It can feel so hard with work and all of my other responsibilities, but I actually think adding a night to volunteer will help me stay on track with a schedule. I’d love to hear your suggestions if you’ve found a way to add volunteering into your life!

Make less waste. This is a really big goal for me and one I’ve asked Steve to take part in. I’m pretty obsessed with recycling, but I realized just because I take part in recycling doesn’t mean I should ignore what I’m throwing away and how much. I figure we can start small, like continue to use Chicago’s electronics recycling service or finding the right way to recycle batteries rather than throw them away. This will require a larg change in mindset, but there’s a lot of ideas and research out there that can help us reach our goal.


So that’s it – some of the lifestyle changes I hope I can make in 2018. I hope that putting a pen to paper will help hold me to it. I also hope that I’m feeling better soon, because this cheery outfit has been laid out for several days now waiting for me to wear it again, so I can take on the new year!

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  1. I love the beret hat on you! It looks so cute. I love all of your goals, and being sick isn’t fun ever. But it especially stinks when you’re so motivated and you can’t function. Feel better!

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