AquaMermaid Chicago

AquaMermaid Chicago

A few weekends ago Sarah and I got the chance to live out a lot of little girls’ fantasies: we were mermaids for a day! We took a class through AquaMermaid Chicago that taught us how to swim like a mermaid. I learned that it’s a beautiful skill to master and it’s a pretty big workout. We also got some tips on how to behave like a mermaid (hint: they’re friendly). While I thought I was going into the class just for some great photo opps, I quickly learned how fun it was to be in the pool again and pick up some new tricks with a tail! Keep reading for all the deats.

AquaMermaid Chicago

AquaMermaid Chicago

How to become a mermaid:

AquaMermaid Chicago hosts classes for all ages and skill levels every Sunday at a pool in Chicago’s West Loop. Sarah and I attended together, and there were several other pairs of friends or mother/daughter teams in our class. One woman we swam with is even an AquaMermaid member, which means she gets unlimited swim to help perfect her skills and really learn how to embody the mythical creature!

AquaMermaid Chicago

When we arrived we all picked out our tails and fitted the fins to our feet. The instructors were so helpful as we all awkwardly tried to get our costumes on and slide into the water. (Being a mermaid can be tough work!) As soon as we were in the water we learned some basics about how to swim with our tail in an ethereal manner. Mine didn’t look quite so fluid at the beginning, but by the end I felt like I got the hang of it. We also learned some fun mermaid tricks, like a tailstand and waving “hi” with our flippers. I had a blast being in a pool again and getting to swim with instructors.

AquaMermaid ChicagoAquaMermaid Chicago

The benefits of being a mermaid:

Besides having an amazing time bonding with girlfriends and dressing like a mythical creature, there are plenty of other benefits to going to a mermaid class. According to its website, AquaMermaid is a cardio and strength training workout targeting the abs, glutes and thighs. “You will improve your dolphin kick and burn calories with this low impact workout.” I can vouch for this, simply by the way my muscles felt the day after!

AquaMermaid ChicagoAquaMermaid Chicago

Find out more:

Visit the AquaMermaid Chicago website to learn more about AquaMermaid Chicago and the types of activities it offers (including girls’ parties, bachelorette parties and more)! To see more fun photos of what you get to do as a “mermaid,” visit their Facebook page.

AquaMermaid ChicagoAquaMermaid Chicago

The AquaMermaid Chicago class was provided to me at no cost but the opinions expressed are my own. So happy I finally got to live out my Ariel fantasy!


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6 Responses to AquaMermaid Chicago

  1. Sarah Lagen says:

    This was such a fun day!! I still can’t believe that we got to swim like mermaids!! I would totally recommend their classes!

    xo, Sarah

  2. Sassi says:

    Oh my gosh how awesome is this *_* I want to do this too. I think we’ve got a mermaid groups in Munich too


  3. Laurie says:

    I so want to give this a try! How fabulous. I’m going straight on line to see if this is available in the UK. Great post x

  4. Tina says:

    Omgosh what a dream to be a mermaid for the day! hehe You ladies look awesome!


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