Dirty Thirty

30th birthday

I am so excited to share that this Friday is my 30th birthday! Birthdays are a really big thing to me and my friends and coworkers have come to find that out. They always brace themselves look forward to “Szink Week,” the week of endless celebrations. I have my mom to blame for starting that tradition: when I was 16 she gave me a small gift for 16 nights in a row. I decided to resurrect that when I moved to Chicago and had friends willing to go out several nights in a row “for my birthday.” Now, five years later, I try to spread out the love so I get the feeling of Szink Week without overburdening my friends. (Except maybe Steve, being my husband I don’t think he gets the luck of taking nights off.)

Dress via my Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription {I was so excited to have a reason to dress up you can, too! Get $30 off your first order by clicking here.} | Balloons via Amazon | Hair by Sara C at Bristle + Grace Salon

30th birthday

I did read somewhere on a list of things to “stop doing after you’re 30” is to stop week-long birthday celebrations. I’m not going to follow that rule, but I was admittedly really behind in planning a week of celebrations. I find it really hard to be decisive when there are basically limitless possibilities at my fingertips! Hence, why wedding planning was so hard. Thankfully my bestie took me out for pizza to kick off the week, Steve is helping me cobble together a small get-together, and my coworkers are taking me out another night. As I get older, it’s all the more enjoyable to just spend special time with friends.

30th birthday

I do love documenting each passing year on this blog, so over the next few days I’ll have some fun posts about year 29 and what I’m looking forward to in 30. Similar to last year’s 29th birthday post.

30th birthday

BTW want to read my birth story? Visit the blog post from my 28th birthday. It’s always one of the few times I tried to take photos with balloons. They can be tough photo accessories!

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  1. Haha! I love this 😀 Happy Birthday! 😀 I’m actually turning 32 tomorrow! Love the idea of getting all dolled up for it and that you still make it special for yourself as an adult!

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