My Favorite Things 2017 – Best Nine

There may be some bad things about social media – FOMO, for example – but I do love how it helps us chronicle our lives. Social media is our digital scrapbook, and with the click of a button we can look back. That’s why I love the 2017 Best Nine on Instagram! The Best Nine, my nine photos from the past 12 months that received the most likes, captured some of my biggest and best memories. I thought I’d share a quick blurb behind each photo in chronological order.

Here I was twirling into the new year! There was a heat wave in February and Sarah and I took some blog photos in front of a fun mural in the West Loop. It felt so good to be outside tight-less!

Cinco de Mayo party

Rent the Runway Unlimited pieces and a flower crown – does it get much better than this? This photo is from a Cinco de Mayo shoot I did with some other Chicago bloggers. (See it here.) You can read more about the RTR Unlimited subscription I started again this year for my wedding activities.

This year was of course our wedding, but also weddings of a lot of our friends, too. They took us all over, and I got to see some fun places while celebrating our friends. This photo was in Athens, Ga., at the first brunch wedding we’ve ever attended. What a unique twist on the big day!

This photo is from my bachelorette party in Charleston – it was time to “Skirt the Rules!” Though the weekend didn’t turn out quite as planned (read why here), I was still grateful for the friends who could make it and celebrated my pre-wedding bliss.


This photo is of a prop at our rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner kicked off an absolutely amazing wedding weekend in Dayton, OH. The dinner was everything I wanted, it was at a loft space with lots of vintage pieces. It was quite different than our wedding the next day, and I was happy to have the two locations.

I haven’t yet done a blog post about choosing bridesmaid dresses, but I discussed it a bit on this photo on Instagram. It was a slideshow, and the next image was of bridesmaids in blue. I wanted two colors of bridesmaid dresses and let my friends choose their color and style. It was so fun to see what everyone wanted for themselves!

This photo was accompanied by a post for National Best Friends Day. Some of these ladies have been with me since my first crush – I am so happy they were by my side for Steve’s and my vows!

This photo was from a night out in Chicago this past summer. A coworker’s band was playing at a Lakeview venue and Steve and I went out with some other people from my work to watch. It was such a great summer night – tacos, live music and late-night food. That’s why Chicago is the best in the summer!

30th birthday

Of course of the biggest moments from the past year – a milestone birthday! Thanks to my husband Steve, who helped capture these photos in one of my favorite places in Chicago, along the Chicago river walk. It was fun to get dressed up and hear strangers passing by wish me a happy birthday.

What a big year 2017 was, can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

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  1. Bonnie Wiggins says:

    This really was an awesome year for you!!

  2. You looked stunning on your wedding day! And I loved the dress you wore on your 30th!

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